I bought that record in this store.

I guess it's all over.


He makes five per cent on what he sells.

I've been practicing hard.

I need help with this stuff.


Subra misunderstood me.

I don't see any need for a gun.

He's the Bach of today.

We have a traitor among us.

He fell out with his wife.


Rees opened his book.

Mr. Jackson is our homeroom teacher.

I personally don't have anything against it.

Troy passed away during the night.

Is there a fee?

The patrolman motioned me to pull over.

Kuldip didn't want to go with us.

I should never have listened to you.

I didn't ask Rees to come here.

Give me your phone number, just in case.

I don't know what I said or did to make him think that we're close friends.

Calvin tried to open the door, but couldn't.

It was a pity Ariel couldn't go camping with us.

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I was afraid to be alone.

He is a smart little guy.

That's not big enough.

Send for a doctor at once.

Do you think Anne is uninteresting?

I spent the whole afternoon trying to avoid Lynnette.

What in the world is that?


He served in the navy.

I am busy today.

Who is next?

That restaurant usually serves good food at lower prices.

He walked so fast this I couldn't keep up with him.

Without your advice, I would have been at a loss.

With all the kerfuffle since this morning I'd almost forgotten but we've still got the problem of the club members haven't we?


Murat is having some problems with his car.


I am ready for the storm.


They should not waste time and money on people who will never wake up again.


Are you English?


I will personally be responsible for it.

There's nothing I can do to help them.

What would you say in this context?


Kuniko has never drunk so much before in her life.

I'm not going to get involved.

I'm not at work today.

We'll get another chance.

I didn't expect you to come in today.


Rabin scratched the back of his neck.

Jeany felt that something was about to happen.

How long have you been going out?


They laughed at me.

I just met them yesterday.

How is your job hunting going?


You are getting me wrong!

She cursed loudly.

I could've done that by myself.

There came a loud knock on the on the front door.

Yes, you can.

You said this was going to happen.

Douglas fell out of love with Galen.

Pratt wasn't punished.

Nora's not happy that her boyfriend has to kiss another girl for the school play.

Sho, there's something you need to know.

I hope you like what I've just given you.

There's no point in worrying about that.

We'll talk more later.

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I don't have time to spend studying English.

Who would've thought?

The farmer plants the corn in the spring.

Is dry food good for cats?

Are you referring to me?

He ran away with the money.

He texted me.

New York is one of the cities that I previously thought that I wanted to visit.

It is likely that the police confused the two individuals as they both had similar facial features.


This guy is really wishy-washy. He couldn't make a decision to save his life.

I'll inform her.

His sudden appearance surprised us all.


He begrudges you your success.


We're supposed to be together.

Sunil plans to go skiing with Sridhar.

The ship stands in need of repairs.

It's not magic, Raghu, it's science!

I never thought Toby would make it this far.

David saw Sassan and John arguing.

I'd like to make amends.

I bought this TV set at a bargain sale.

You should get back home.


Selena Gomez's second album hit Billboard Magazine's top two hundred albums chart at number four.

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She told me a wrong address on purpose.


From whence comest thou, and whither art thou bound?

She's never had a boyfriend.

Let me go with Mysore.

The world history exam proved to be easier than I had expected.

Find yourself a seat.

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I must've forgotten.

Please do it as quickly as you can.

Fortune is unstable, while our will is free.

Perry seems to agree with us.

The enemy had triple our numbers.


David said that everything was fine.

Virtue is its own reward.

I shoot the rabbits in my garden with a squirt gun to keep them away from the vegetables.

Kenn gave Winston a pair of diamond earrings.

I need to be here right now.

You seem to make friends easily.

You've got to go.


He never takes medicine for his cold.


You don't look anything like her.


Tracey walked as fast as he could to catch up with Geoff.

I want to know who killed them.

Saumya was fired last week.

Give a lecture on literature.

It is very dangerous for children to play on the street.

I am Argentinean.

Romain promised he wouldn't tell anybody.

I've had lots of chances.

We want them to forget it.


Srinivasan watched for a few moments.

I'm allergic to corn.

Is it nearby?


You only have to touch the button.

They considered it a great injustice.

None of Ethan's friends knew that Philip was in the hospital.

He's sitting in the waiting room.

These things always remain the same.

It's not that I particularly love heartbreak, but I really like songs about heartbreak.

I'd better report this to her.


Sigurd is always candid.

Darci was in a hurry this morning.

Where is she?

If you quit the job, you'll be burning your bridges.

I don't want to be alone again.

I like swimming and playing soccer.

Please keep the fire from going out.


A lot of people want peace all over the world.

He put the book on the table.

Are vampires real?

Bill opened his suitcase and began unpacking.

I'm not afraid of political correctness.

I think you should grow a beard.

If you are to succeed, you should make efforts.

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The police followed up all their leads, but came up empty handed.

During that period, I would go to bed earlier.

I lied to my girlfriend about my age.

A long time ago, most people lived in groups that moved around as the seasons changed.

An investors' group is attempting a leveraged buy-out of the firm.

You don't sound very optimistic.

You look determined.


Who could argue with that?

I'm just saying we can't leave yet.

Bob was very happy.

I don't have to tell Ranjit anything.

I'm going to call them later.

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Get back to work.

Mitch was as pale as a sheet.

The students pretended that they couldn't hear the teacher.

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You can't speak English with 100 words.


No, you're not excused!

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You know why I'm here.

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The government invests little in education.