I jumped for joy.


It's probably just my imagination.

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There are also people who like spring better than autumn.

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Kathy is as busy as I am.

She looked for her friends but found none.

They just want to talk to Marguerite.


He put his thoughts on paper.

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Hubert is under surveillance.


For example, chameleons can change the color of their skin and blend with the trees and leaves around them.


What she heard chilled her to the bone.

The way tourists dress offends the local standard of propriety.

We should never have given up.


I have the book on hand.

At present, he is in Canada.

Stealing a man's wife, that's nothing, but stealing his car, that's larceny.

The only language Nadeem knows how to speak is French.

Is it open round the clock?


No one was injured.

Grace didn't do much.

What business are you in exactly?

Dave should've been there.

Hey, I'm on your side.


Let me tell you what Saad said.

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Naren would have been very proud of you.

Rex promised me something would be done.

Has the wash come back yet?

On a rainy morning he left his house early so as to be in time for school.

A luxury liner arrived in the harbor.

Under Europa's icy crust might be water ocean.

That was the first time I ever played disc golf.

Do you ever wear a tie?

Would you do me a favor?


You're not impressing me.


Jinny loves music more than anything else in the world.


Shooting stars are meteorites.

Where are you going to go?

I visited Paris, but I didn't climb the Eiffel tower, since I'm afraid of heights.

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This shouldn't be hard.


Life is half spent before we know what it is.

He is on the team.

When was the last time you invited guests?

Leave your hat and overcoat in the hall.

I am engaged in AIDS research.


Elliot has big, blue eyes.

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She threw her arms around her husband's neck.

The hen sits on her eggs until they hatch.

Youtube is a scam site

Muslims believe only in Allah as the unique God, and in Mohammad as the last prophet.

Steen received a poison pen letter.

He's a classic case that the more ignorant people are the more sure they are that they are correct.

I want freedom.


Don't bother standing up.

I don't know if I should turn left or right.

Ruth asked me to tell you something.

During my entire life, I've fought against superstition.

These are your quarters.

Is she marrying him for his money?

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

I can do it all myself.

We only have three bicycles.

You're quite a philosopher.

The innkeeper grinned slyly.

Could you put this bag in another place?

Let me take a quick shower.


Sidney had other plans.


I truly value my friends and will never have "enough" or too many.

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Her skirt is so long as to reach the floor.

I'd rather live in Boston.

I promise I won't tell anyone why we're here.


She was wearing a thick coat against the chill.

Judy isn't in his right mind.

I am unconcerned with the problem.

I want it for my cat!

I have long wanted that car.


We should take the necessary steps before it's too late.

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There are fifty families in this village.

It is so easy to be solemn; it is so hard to be frivolous.

Were you a soldier?


I cannot guess at all what is going on with him.


Scott grew a mustache.

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How old was he?

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It's really rare.

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Can I stay here and watch TV?

Barton can't find one.

We just don't know why.

I didn't make anything to eat.

I don't feel right about this.

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I heard a door slam.

Are you nuts?

Francis's self-conscious about the gap between her front teeth.

We're still planning to go.

Only a few people came to the meeting yesterday.

Vern can't have been all that surprised.

You will change it, won't you?

I should have been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling across the floors of silent seas.

I really like traveling.

That child was told off by the teacher.

Judging from his expression, he is not telling the truth.

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Don't feed wild animals.

Finish baking the pie.

Debbie needs to get to the hospital right away.

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You're a good mom.

We're here to support Sanford.

They begin beating her.


I'll get them to help you.

I took these statistics from a government white paper on education.

I don't want you to leave.


This only happens about once a year.


Are your parents in now?

I think that was a waste of effort.

We were drunk.

And thus his attention was distracted from the sight.

We'll get socked any minute now.


They don't talk to me anymore.

Roderick wants to buy a car, but he can't afford to.

Nancy is a capable nurse.

We need to impress them.

Please feel free to ask me questions.

Please give my regards to your family.

I wonder if Daniele can tell us anything else.

My marriage cost me everything - my friends, my husband, my boys. I've lost it all.

What's complicated about their language is the writing, not the grammar, which is reminiscent of a creole.

Neither Reiner nor Rex has many friends.

If he is born today we'll name him Alvaro, otherwise we'll name him Pablo.

He was in open-mouthed amazement.

Why should I care about this?


Is everything going OK at work?

You can come in here.

She's a wedding consultant.


Leif couldn't conceal his disappointment.

He stood silent for a moment before speaking.

Delirium of one person is called madness. Delirium of thousands of people is called religion.

Ralph caught Sanjay looking at him.

How did spend your summer holiday?

He is fond of watching baseball games on TV.

Cary doesn't have to be so formal.

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It would be nice if Kristi didn't keep making unnecessary remarks.


I think we did a very good job.


These came for you.

He is a sly fox.

Napoleon's army has advanced to Moscow.

Go and buy three bottles of coke.

Come on, already!

Rivulets of rainwater ran down the roof.

If you want me to stay, then tell me.

Is Johann still living in Boston?

Why do I always have to do that?


Jordan speaks fairly quickly.

I spoke to him.

I thought you didn't want to talk about this matter.


"Is there anything that I need to avoid when I recover from giving birth?" "Yes, getting pregnant."

A professional thief can jimmy a car door in no time.

Don't be so hard on your son.

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Edith wanted to spend the rest of his life with Vance.