Andrea wouldn't tell us what had happened.

When is the paper due?


I want your love.

Have you ever kissed a girl?

How long have you and Juan been living in Boston?


Don't talk about my family.

Calvin doesn't have a steady girlfriend.

I just need to see them.

I'd like to get to know them.

Nou grew up around here.


You can call me anytime you want.


Stanly is rich, so money isn't really a problem.


"How much is it?" "Ten dollars, I think."


I don't wash your car.

What advice can you give me?

She would not tell me why she had gone home first.

Vaughn has to listen to us.

You're the one who wanted to talk to Alejandro, not me.


Pontus is an experienced sailor.

I'm holding it.

How many died from the earthquake?

He caught her by the arm.

Nowhere more altered, perhaps, about a hundred years ago, than in one little orchard attached to an old stone house with a honeysuckle porch.

I wouldn't do that without you.

The boys are fine.

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Did I do something to offend you?

Nathan wasn't foolish enough to tell Brenda what had really happened.

Bruno teaches the third grade.

Who's your favorite game show host?

I'm studying French grammar.

There is no answer to your question.

It's time for children to go to bed.

Who asked him to come?

We won't be in time for the meeting.

How can we put up with that?

She seemed nervous.

What did both of you do?

Please ask Mikey to call me back at his earliest convenience.

The next question is for her.

Let's just go find him.

Rakhal set a drink in front of Petr.

This is centrifugal force, which Newton viewed as absolute motion.

We drank a little.

Your proposal is worthy of being considered.

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Whatever he may say, I won't change my mind.

Start running.

The talks will deal with the problem of pollution.


You have got to be kidding me.


Did you actually see Stanislaw do what the police say he did?


You can do it if you try.

Do you know what's wrong with Lorraine?

I wonder if I should tell her the truth.


Xiaoding and Xueyou are sitting there listening to Teacher Wang talk.

No one will believe me.

He learned to write numerals before go to school.

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It was very windy that day, and I had my umbrella blown inside out.

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I like to receive letters from friends.

I have not lived in Sanda since last year.

As usual, his thoughts were extremely academic.


What if what Mongo does isn't good enough? What'll we do then?

I'm sorry, you seem to have misdialed the phone.

Don't you have a husband?

It's nice to see you haven't changed.

I have every reason to believe that he is innocent of the crime.

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Bradford reads three or four books a month.

It made us happy.

A nurse brought me some bread and coffee, but the bread was stale and the coffee tasted of soap.

Aren't I going crazy?

I did what was expected.


There's no love lost between Giovanni and his brother.

Victoria was a good boxer.

My grandchildren give me such a delight.


They satisfied their thirst at the spring.

Exclamation marks are used much more frequently in German than they are in English.

Siping brought a bunch of roses for Yvonne for International Women's Day, but she found it inappropriate.

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It probably wouldn't have helped.


Please don't hesitate to call.

I'm unable to stay calm.

There are many sects in Hinduism.

You may have been the last person to see Carsten.

Whether you succeed or not depends on how hard you study.


This law only affects foreigners.

I assume you're telling me now because you figured I'd find out anyway.

India was Hindu, then it became Buddhist, then it became Hindu again, as Hinduism reabsorbed Buddhism.

The traffic jam was caused by an accident.

Something like that wouldn't happen in Australia.

The girl has an exotic image for the boy.

Why of course, that's what the "surprise" means.

"That's right", said John.

Soohong followed in his father's footsteps.

She has a mysterious side.

Jan is quite old, isn't he?

"Where is Grandma?" "She's sleeping on the couch."

He is the last man to take a bribe.

Thank you for looking at my poor scribblings.

Why don't you leave?

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Don't try to trick me.

This remote cavern is known only to him.

Her mother started shouting.

He neither wrote nor telephoned.

He's a real man.

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We'll follow.


Real tried to stop smoking without success.

The ice has fossilised many prehistoric animals.

Tharen and Miriam still live in Boston where they both grew up.

I saw the movie on video.

We made much effort to build the boat.


Earle had reasons to be angry.


There is not much difference between the two opinions.

I got hurt during an experiment, and the injury was pretty serious.

Did you know Bea was a detective?

I don't handle ultimatums well.

And among the good there are Serbs and Croats and Muslims, just as there are among the bad.

Sheila is on the go day and night.

Billy suggested that since Rex didn't want to go, he should just stay home with her.

Sergio played the oboe and Rupert accompanied him on the piano.

I should have followed Marion's advice.


Rajendra certainly should be careful not to make Brad angry when she's holding a knife.

He saved a hundred dollars.

That's Mongo's voice.

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This book seemed hard to read to me.

You shouldn't spend more money than you earn.

We are supposed to know the rules.

You made a wise choice.

The Swiss Guards protect the pope.

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Christofer had flowers in her hair.


Stanislaw is thickheaded.

We just don't think it's cool.

We know our rights.

I need peace and quiet after a busy day at work.

There is not much traffic on this road.

The battery of my cellphone doesn't function anymore.

That looks unlikely.

Mario must be innocent.

I can't help feeling something's not quite right.

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Five fours are twenty.

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The end is in sight.

Mr. Smith is an acquaintance of his.

The less I know, the more interested I get.


He is ranked as corporal.


I've seen the way Margie flirts with you.

John and Peter are inseparable friends.

His opposition was more violent than I had bargained for.

Why won't anyone tell me the truth?

Deborah doesn't want me to stay.

Nobody likes to be found fault with.

He's up there waiting for you.


Raanan is intellectual.

What floor does Roxana live on?

This is the first time I've heard that word.

And they found themselves in a magical world called Narnia.

What places would you like to visit?


Everyone thought that Sir was going to be in Boston this weekend.


What an awful mother!


Dana is more popular than I am.

You must reply to that letter.

One weekend all of the hotels in the city were full because there was a large convention.

It's clear that our arguments don't overlap at all.

Since you don't have anything to do, why not come fishing with me this weekend?

Let's try it once more.

It was decided that he should be sent for at once.