I don't care how long ago it was.

We're not leaving.

I remember seeing the queen.

That uncle of his often visited America.

Communism was the political system in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but that stopped in 1993.


Can't you make up your mind?

It wasn't us.

Mikael seemed to know what he wanted.

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Take a little nap on the couch.

I like it so much.

We have a real problem here.


I have been to the park to see flowers.

Whose jalousie is this?

Do you know where I can go online?

Was there much damage?

Edwin said you had some experience with this.

There are three letters in the word ubi.

We gave blood to help the child.

Everyone knew Rex.

In nine cases out of ten it will be the very thing that I have long wanted.

The international workgroup for promoting school instruction of Esperanto was founded in May of 2006.

We cannot exist without water.


Look at the girls.

I know that doesn't matter.

He got ready for departure.

I thought you lived with Tareq.

I think we forgot someone.


They don't know it well.

I don't know about the USSR at all.

Janet isn't sure what he'll do.

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It's a tough choice.


We'll be better prepared next time.

I must cancel our appointment.

Geoffrey filled the bottle with water.

Why did you let them go?

She refuses to listen to her mother.


The father took the boy by the hand and helped him across the street.


Laughter is a serious matter.

I'm not bluffing.

She is only hard on me.

Jack exchanged the cow for the seeds.

Where are you guys from?

Tollefsen hates insects.

Maybe it's time for a change.

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He wishes to buy a valuable jewel for his daughter.

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The time is ripe for a drastic reform.


Pascal never was interested in sports.

Scott Hall belongs to the Outsiders.


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Leung says he can help us.

I have a pain in my shoulders.

I chose between two options.

Give him the gun.

She's very handy with a saw.

I care about that.

Do you think this looks like Jean-Pierre's handwriting?

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She melted snow.

I like to see these pictures.

Bees always buzz near the kitchen window.


I met Roderick on Friday the 13th.

That's all folks.

Raghu loves his daughter's face.

Can you explain what that means to me?

Water and air are both fluids.

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I couldn't fix the original sentences since they either don't make sense at all or would look clumsy even if corrected anyway.

Roland was finally able to get in touch with Celeste.

I have no desire to go there.

He never got a holiday.

Cover your feet with a blanket.

I can tell you cared about Holly.

God, please send us the sun!

No went back to his chair and sat down.

The witness did not seem nervous when he spoke at the trial.

My hobby is collecting foreign stamps.

There's a rich man sleeping on a golden bed.

You will live longer if you don't smoke.

She likes potato salad.


I want to talk to you now.

The more I think about it, the less I like it.

Love is a game in which one always cheats.

The team played so poorly that their fans booed them after the game.

A sentence doesn't have to be long to be beautiful.

He said, "I want to be a doctor."

People gratuitously making a fool out of themselves is a consequence of a pluralistic and permissive society.


Do you know who lives in that house?

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I don't know what they want.

Geoff and Bobby both wanted a lot of children.

I have no energy today.

I don't want Susanne to do that.

She went inside the door.


I will go to Ireland this summer.


Let me check my calendar.

The United States is the only highly developed nation that does not require employers to provide paid vacation time.

In professional soccer matches, there are only three substitutions allowed per game.

I cannot build a house. I don't have money.

Varda tried to make amends and apologize to Tracy.


Send us what you want to translate.

The gun isn't loaded.

He devotes himself to his work.

When was the last time you received treatment?

What do you do, exactly?

There is a good market for these articles.

What have you been doing?

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You have to study Japanese harder.

"Ombudsman" is one of the widely used words that have been borrowed from Swedish.

Hungarian, Finnish, and Estonian are Uralic languages.

Are you subscribed to the newspaper?

Matthew has many friends.

Sergeant was able to get us all tickets to tonight's concert.

It's dangerous at the rocks.

Do you always get what you want?

Is it difficult work?


The system is rigged.

Rolfe is too nosey.

Are you breathing?

Say that work is 8 hours, it feels like the three hour commute time is also work but you don't get any money for it. What a waste.

Don't you have anything to say?

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Everybody was staring at Yvonne.


I've always wanted to run a small hotel in the mountains.

Vijay would have been very upset.

Jamie got a phone call from Kristian.


I'll punch your lights out!

The northern half of what is today Papua New Guinea was a German colony.

Jennie sounded angry.

This is irregular.

Let's not talk about him.


For your information, you are no longer welcome here.

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We will not fail.

Piercings can be a form of rebellion for teenagers.

I will accept full responsibility for this.


What the hell are you doing with my gun?


I plan to go to America next year.

Cristi rose with great care.

He was beside himself with rage when he heard the remark.

Didn't anybody tell you that you didn't have to be here today?

He changed trains at Sendai Station.

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Do you know when Soohong might be back?

The stock price index soared to an all-time high.

He never listens to what I am trying to say.

The demonstrators gathered in the square.

There's nothing else to discuss.


Jelske is very cute, isn't she?

She managed to escape.

I want to go to heaven, but I don't want to die in order to get there.

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Are you angry with her?

You'll come to like her.

Ssi has a vegetable garden behind his house.

I play guitar almost every day.

"If it's a light workout, OK." "Right, so will we allow crotch-kicking and eyeball crushing?"

Louis lost patience.

Holly could get arrested.

I don't want to humiliate her.

Have breakfast.

I change my password almost every day.

Missouri has both mountains and plains.


Izzy hit her on the head.

He returned back home after being away for ten months.

I guess I had better decide before I book the accommodation and flights.

There is no road to love. Love is the road.

Blindness is responsible for a staggering toll of poor health, suffering, and loss of dignity and diminution in the quality of lives of people worldwide.

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They hit the mark three times.

This is pretty sad.

Are you sure this place is safe?