She's Canadian.

The bus driver told the pupils to keep their heads inside the bus.

What makes you think I'm going to help you?

You hid your worries from your wives, didn't you?

I've heard this before.


He had no difficulty solving the problem.


Let the bird fly away.

The earth is a planet.

Please accept my sincerest condolences.

Cristina told me his secret.

Kerri opened the bedroom windows.

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I woke up with an upset stomach.

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The company has already established its fame as a robot manufacturing company.

I chose one.

The young King was married to his real bride, and both reigned over the kingdom in peace and happiness.

The house has a southern aspect.

The concert was a bit disappointing.

They've lost the key to the drawer.

He was cowed by her intelligence.


I don't like these sweets.

I'll talk about you.

It was impertinent of you to behave like that.

This is a story about a little boy named Yvonne.

Tell me who you gave your old toolbox to.

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Who's your boyfriend?

We didn't create it.

Almost every European country has abolished the death penalty.


How will she pay her debts?

I gave it a try figuring that anything is worth a try. But putting together a program like this is something I'm no match for.

I'll be busy all next week.

This coat suits him.

We can't let them kill Christie.


That coat may have cost a lot of money, but it's worth it.

Unfortunately, I'm not much of an dancer.

Pria seems to like you a lot.

Thank God I survived.

No, faith, not a jot; but to follow him thither with modesty / enough, and likelihood to lead it; as thus: Alexander died, / Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth into dust; the dust is / earth; of earth we make loam; and why of that loam (whereto he / was converted) might they not stop a beer barrel? / Imperious Caesar, dead and turn'd to clay, / Might stop a hole to keep the wind away. / O, that that earth which kept the world in awe / Should patch a wall t' expel the winter's flaw!

Do you like rock and roll?

I'll open the door for you.

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Since there are rice paddies near my house, I often hear frogs croaking all night long this time of year.

Where did you weigh them?

Let's see what Roman does next.

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Is your mum at home?

Don't be a wallflower.

You're just a kid.


We'll call you if we need you.

Do her parents know she was selected for the program?

Herve died three days after Everett died.

All will go except you.

However, he was hurt when she quickly disposed of the present.

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I feel kind of sorry for Robin.

Do you want me to take you there?

Siping does drive.


How many pills did you take?

I don't even know how old I am.

Translate this to English, please.


I'm sure Hugh meant no offense.


Do you have a cheap flight ticket on a domestic line?

The sun was about to come up.

Brett is having trouble deciding whether or not to go there.


I am running short of memory.

I just don't love my wife.

You're a hard person to refuse.

They went to New Zealand.

I'm sorry I'm calling you at work.

You had better ask the doctor for advice.

Jakob always walks to school when it isn't raining.


Turn down the TV a little. I'm trying to go to sleep.

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None of the meat was fit to eat.


Some like feeling superior to other people. I, on the other hand, am above such base attitudes.

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I've got plenty of customers.

I had my driver's license renewed last month.

We're going there next week.

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We had no idea what we should do.

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Tarmi is making faces.

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After he had crossed all the seas of the world, he drowned in a glass of water.

You should be a diplomat.

Was that too easy?

This means you can reuse them freely for a textbook, for an application, for a research project, for anything!

I want some paper.

The robots will gain control one day, be sure of that.

Friday is near.

I'll tell him later.

Harold is the man wearing the blue tie.

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Dan explained in detail how he lost all his money.


Stevan's parents allow him to do a lot of things that my parents don't allow me to do.

The husband accommodated his plan to his wife's.

I have a small gift for them.

Beavers rarely inflict damage on people.

Elisabeth walked quickly down the hall.

I thought you'd probably already gone home.

I'd like to spend my holidays reading history books or classics.


Your food will be right out.

There are two cows in the village.

Wait a second. My shoe is untied.


Dan paid off his gambling debts.


Can you watch them tonight?

You can't replace the comma with a period in this sentence.

Can you get help for Earle?

We have important matters to discuss.

Everyone formed couples and began dancing.

There are many kinds of animals inside this enclosure.

What are your initials?


I have it in the tip of my tounge.

The girl wearing a white dress is my sister.

I can't eat raw eggs. They have to be cooked.


Damon read three novels last weekend.


You will never realize what I went through.

I like that dress a lot.

Stacy heard that Uri got a job.

I parked on the street in front of your house.

I wish I had studied French harder while I was young.


The childminder cares for between one and three children.

Finish what you were saying.

Trent asked how much it cost.

Tal went over to Lee's house to help.

We'll arrive about one hour before Boyd gets there.

The new telescope was shipped in a huge wooden box.

Can I be of help?

Please put me through to Mr. Black.

The modern world isn't governed by people, but by ideas.

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Graham seems like a great guy.

Does he write English letters?

He was very puzzled.


The movie's ending was quite the scene!

My brother always thinks that he has to prove himself, while in fact we love him the way he is.

I didn't have more than 1,000 yen.

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There's something fishy going on.


What Merat ate gave him an upset stomach.

He asked me where she lived.

Do we really need to decide this now?

Stop that now.

Will she still remember in some years' time what I've promised her?


It's a portrait of my deceased father.

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It's not like Craig to be so late.


I am listening to his recital.

I'm glad to know that you are on the way to a full recovery.

The magician had the children's attention.

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You can go for walks on the hills.


I didn't want them to leave.

It's time for us to go.

I don't want to go back home. I want to party.

I'm sure Jacob is grateful for your support.

Molly has a good chance of getting elected.

Let me at least talk to Spike.

Jackye was unharmed.

I really do want to help him.

I'd like you to accompany her.

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We can say that there's not a clear winner in terms of a policy to curtail medical expenses and benefits.

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Ronald started to unfold the piece of paper Straka handed him.

I think I have a good chance.

Haste is a deed of Satan.

Because I didn't hear from him, I wrote to him again.

Look boys; this bag is full of pears.

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I'll do as you wish.