He sees your horse.

The blossoms expand under the influence of the weather.

Nicholas walks.

Heike was pleasantly surprised when Dieter responded favorably to her advances.

Can someone explain it to me in detail?

Jay was raised Catholic.


Spaniards have two surnames.

From home to work, it takes 40 minutes.

The fireplace was burning brightly.

I told him not to be late.

He didn't participate in the discussion.


Jayesh wanted to tell Lex about John.

I've never seen you before.

I admired him.


That was three weeks ago.


His jokes don't please all patients in the hospital.

Can't you help me just a little bit?

The doctor said I'm going to have to take it easy for a while.


Having a cold, I was absent from school.

The nurses turned the patient regularly in order to prevent bedsores.

I'll watch carefully this time.

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Kevin is on the baseball team.

What he said yesterday is not consistent with what he said last week.

I ran as quickly as I could.

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My father and sister are carpenters.


I'm thankful to you for your helping me with my homework.

I thought Francois had already unplugged the toaster.

"Can I ask you a question?" "Shoot."

Come one Tuesday, if possible.

What an ambiguous expression!

I don't want to wear out my welcome.

The giant tortoise Lonesome George has died on the Galapagos Islands.

He is the same age as me.

You're impressed, aren't you?

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Maybe at the time she accidentally left her car key in her room.


Have you googled her?

She boasts that she can swim well.

Why don't you give me what I want?

Robert had always dreamed of becoming a pilot.

I only eat meat from animals that I have personally killed and butchered.


We have to tell Kristin.

After five years in the special forces, I quit.

The man is mourning after receiving sad news.


Can you believe it? He's even lazier than me.

Why is it still happening?

They're not my enemies.


I can't even walk, let alone run.


So you can't even remember what you said?


We've been working hard to make some changes.


She was at home at the weekend.

I hope it is so!

There are people who just want to interrupt and waste your time.

City dwellers have a higher death rate than country people do.

There is a tinge of red in the eastern sky.

Press freedom is advancing.

I think I've found something.

I'll make you proud of me.

The lack of harmony between colors makes this painting stand out.

Where's my hat?

There seemed to be no answer to the problem.

Well, what shall we do?

I don't care what it is.

Swimming is not allowed in this river.

Connie doesn't often listen to music.

You don't disturb me.

It's now windy.

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I've never done this in my life.

You can't be too careful these days.

We have to warn them.

I have just washed the car.

He was the king of rock-and-roll.

What is your relationship with religion?

The pay was good, and that was their only motivation to participate in the study.

Do you see my rose?

They dream.

It usually happens very quickly.

Whatever happens, don't panic.

I'm beginning to feel stupid.

No thanks, I'm pregnant.

I'm not just saying that.

I'd like to see what I'm buying.

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She cried what a lovely garden it was.

Let's concentrate.

There are a thousand meters in a kilometer.


I suspected that something like this might happen.

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He read the entire Old Testament in one year.


We didn't see any girls in the group.


The finale of "The Sopranos", which aired in 2007, had 11.9 million Americans glued to their TV sets.

What's your favorite seasoning?

Her dog isn't very fast.

Lazy people have no chance of success.

Have you seen the dog? He wandered off a couple of minutes ago.

How many students have been admitted to the school this year?

Today is Friday. The weekend starts already tomorrow!

We're checking it now.

Maybe I will settle down with a woman.


Did we hit something?


Stop the car now!

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Do you want to play tennis with me this afternoon?

He is too smart not to know it.

He blamed me for not coming.

I was delighted with the news.

Go along this street for a mile.

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I want to ask you about the money you found.


I want to resign.

He spat on the ground.

Darci was pretty young at the time.

I asked everyone what that was.

Wolfgang loved them.


You won't need a coat today.

You have to be careful.

Why don't you just kiss Jeannette?

I suppose you're not an expert in these matters.

He lives in Kyoto.

I owe what I am today to my parents.

Diana and Hillary are broke.

Wine is the software of a meal. Meats and vegetables are but its hardware.

I went for a walk early in the morning.


Go with them!

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Ya look nice in your kennel.

I wonder if Starbuck will be at Kikki's party tonight.

Let's see what Ray and Vistlik are up to.


We'll be here for only a few days.

How can I forget those days?

I'll go in first!

I think Elizabeth cheated.

That would be fair.

The shoppers stood in a line.

Spencer looks as if he's been sick for a long time.

I think I'd like to be a teacher.

That bus goes slower than the other one.

He is sure to win the game.

At least Dorian is honest.

Add sugar to the tea.

Lisa and I often help each other with our homework.

We don't know how to use it.

Of course they resemble each other in some ways.

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I can't start up my computer. What am I supposed to do?

What haven't you told me?

I came to give you a ride home.

I'll look it over later.

Rahul wore a long, loose-fitting coat.

I don't care how you do it. Just do it.

The practice of lean manufacturing principles streamlines our production process, which in turn increases output.

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Kunihiko hit the target with his first shot.

When he finished speaking, he stood up and walked away.

Howard was totally incompetent.


What's the difference between asteroids and comets?

Joni is in pretty good health.

At the end of every subject i have an exam.

Wendell didn't learn to swim until he was thirty.

What size shoes do you wear?

I can't explain the difference between those two.

From the viewpoint of health, Tokyo is not such a good place to live.

We chopped down the branch with axes.

Bertrand and Dieter decided to get married.

Another day passed.

We're all having lunch.

It's a good thing you came to me when you did.

I've got this thing pretty well figured out.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son.

She is lying about her age.

She's unconscious.

I feel fine.

The kidnappers gagged Janet and locked him up in the closet.

I spoke with Valerie's assistant.