Japan has much trade with the USA.

That baby does nothing but cry.

Let's have scones with our tea.

Myron tried to warn us all.

I agree with the opinion that real estate is overpriced.

I got a useful piece of information out of him.

Damone didn't get on the train.

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You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.

The monster of antisemitism is still among us.

Spass will be thirsty.

Manny knows a lot of songs.

Headlines are supposed to grab the reader's interest.

You're crazy or what?

He had limited skills in politics.

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Tonight, Lyndon sang better than usual.

My roommate from the barracks, who can't hold his liquor, came home after the party and puked all over my new shoes.

The black market of drugs and weapons is very wide.

Do you believe that Hamilton wants to go with Jerrie?

I don't like you going out with my daughter.

Are you not ashamed of yourselves, you bold girls, to run after a young man in that way over the fields? Is that good behaviour?

The little girl was crying for the teddy bear.

I think it's strange that Alice should keep silent for such a long time.

This is an important step.


I'm nervous and scared.

He speaks English fairly well.

Santa Claus is not for sale.

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The manager said it was your fault.

Daren usually takes a shower before eating breakfast.

Are you wounded?

Winston wasn't convinced it was a good idea.

I've always wanted to meet you, but not, of course, under these circumstances.

I don't know what Marsh did to the TV, but it's working now.

Randal can't make it.

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That cafe has a pretty good breakfast special.


Thomas crashed into a buoy and damaged his boat.


I'm really sorry that I lied to you.


Phiroze stayed at my house.

It is a must for an actor to know his audience.

You must consider this problem as a whole.

He was a wicked musician.

Draw me a sheep.

I don't think I can wait any longer.

Do you realize what you've done?

Do you have an extra room?

So, when is it convenient for you?

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You're a good driver.


I am afraid your translation is overly literal.

It's obvious that Kenneth is not interested in girls.

You have my support.

Here's the report.

He's considering becoming a sailor.

You can't turn back now.

The famous actor and heartbreaker admits that he's finally settled down.

We'll move in.

I had lunch at a bakery.

Sundar wasn't hurt.

Cole was aware that the deadline had passed.

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Jacques isn't an easy person to get along with.


His money was all gone.

Do I have to stay in hospital?

A new building is being built in front of my house.


It's forbidden to make the dogs pee.

Everyone was so happy.

She has nothing snobbish about her.

Do you think that's going to help?

Every march is composed of discrete steps.

Troy was late for the bus.

Have you ever mentioned this to the teacher?

Who told you to say that to me?

I want some more ice cream.

The house was on the verge of collapse.

That's the part I like.

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Oliver got into the black van and drove away.

Ric doesn't like cats.

Stu is a little under the weather.

Ms. Roland, what do you think about this problem?

Unity in diversity.

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I've never asked you this before, but are you religious?

We were looking forward to spending an evening at home alone.

You have only to sit here.


My friend frowned as she read the letter.

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The King of Sweden, to whom this part of the country belonged, more than once gave orders to cut down the haunted wood, but there was no one with courage enough to obey his commands.

I would really like to help you, but my hands are tied.

I'm going to go talk to Jacob.

Japan's fiscal year runs from April 1 till March 31 in the following year.

I'd like you to help me gather some firewood.


This district is free from environmental pollution.

Sanjay is drinking directly from the faucet.

Gigi has a poor memory.

Many of the children had no clothes on.

The baby can't walk yet.


He knows how to play the piano.

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Swedish nouns are generally divided into five declinations.

She seemed to take it for granted that he should go his own way.

Railroad service was suspended because of the fog.

Unfortunately, they didn't listen to my warnings.

Rolfe called Don and asked her to come over.

You should leave the planning to me.

The book is very interesting.


Hughes didn't want to seem desperate.

I can't approve the plan.

She was killed in an automobile accident.

It can be considered as rest.

Miri had a key role setting this party up.


This happens to be mine.

It was complicated.

The conference closed at five.


What's the point now of buying books written by a bunch of old men?


I don't want them to hurt Derek.

Francisco said he'd be willing to do anything for me.

If you should change your mind, let me know.


She's perfect at everything.


Let me see what you've got.

Have you found Prince Charming yet?

What did you really think of that movie?

I decided to stay a couple extra days in Boston.

I also think 'living hell' is putting it too strongly.


I hope you and your friend have fun here.

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Such a statement I would not dignify with a response.

I read it in today's edition.

Louiqa doesn't have to do that right away.

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Have you checked your email today?

He severed himself from the party.

"Once is like never," implied the young lady. Yet the gynecologist implied: "twins."


Raise your left hand.

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I wish summer would never end!


It's stable because all the roots of this equation are negative.

He is a writer and a statesman.

When will Hy come home?

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This loaf of bread is big.

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A cultural heritage is handed down to posterity.

Laurianne pushed her hand away.

You fled.


We should call her.

It's all the same to me whether you go or stay.

I'd like to get away from Boston for a few days.

It's not a good start.

I'd like some plum jam.

She did it in front of the staff.

I was happy to see her go.

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Just let us in.

Delete this comment.

The snow fell quickly.

I'm three years younger than you.

This stuff works.

I never work during weekends.

Napoleon was banished to Elba in 1814.

The cherry trees are in full blossom.

Let's enjoy ourselves.


I didn't want it!

I never expected that she would join us.

New York is a huge city.


I came near to getting involved in a crime.

You won't win.

Who brought her?

Let's try to be serious.

Sooner or later, we'll have to tackle the problem in earnest.

I'd rather stay at home.

I want to become famous.

She's not going to make it.

Skip knows what this means.