That's close enough.

Anyway, please come in.

I've never understood you.

Rakhal knows there isn't much he can do about it.


I don't know where you live.

Elliot and Daniele aren't talking about you. They're talking about someone else.

They're traitors.


Fred isn't the type of person who learns from his mistakes.

We should not put restrictions on foreign trade.

Chip is on night duty tonight.

If you feel a tremor near the coast, evacuate immediately to high ground or another safe location.

The river overflowed.


"How long will you remain in London?" "Until Monday."

My family is from England.

He's just being macho.


No one has seen me.

Nikolai is sweating heavily.

I'll wait here until my medicine is ready.


After he died, he wanted his ashes spread over the ocean.

I knew Earnie wouldn't kiss you.

I just want you to scare Panos.

Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them.

An apparently small event may lead to a great result.

That's never going to happen.

Have you ever seen a whale?

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He gives an apple to the teacher every day.

There's a price on his head.

This medicine renews your strength.

He's very peculiar.

Don't put the cart before the horse.


I don't think we're ready to do that yet.

Upon entering the room, she fell down.

A sinkhole formed under the National Corvette Museum and swallowed eight cars.

Naoto completely forgot about the meeting.

I can't talk about that right now.

I'll have some cereal and orange juice.

Do you have a crush on him?

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I literally danced until my shoes came off!


Brett enjoyed the challenge.

Thanks for helping me fix my car.

A new sentence is like a message in a bottle: it will be translated some time.

Shu, you're eating too much. You'll get fat!

I'm envious of you because you have a good boss.


Could there be people who don't know even a single English word?

A word spoken at the wrong time can do very much more harm than good.

You can't ask him to do that.


Social relationships are secondary to this business.

Few girls can even speak to him.

Kim says he doesn't like Boston.

I don't want to go to lunch with Srinivas.

The two men accused each other.


I got Jin to do that for me.

You are a pain in my neck!

An Encyclopedia is a repository of knowledge and wisdom.

What a beautiful city!

The new moon came out.

They ordered Petr to kill Jayant.

I know Evan was a friend of yours.

Would you please autograph this book?

Stop being sarcastic all the time!

Every picture tells a story.

I am ashamed of my son's laziness.

The people in the rear of the room could not hear the speaker.

I found him a genius at chemistry.

Pratap said that if he won the lottery, he'd buy a new house.

She got what she deserved.

Can I start again?

This signal means "don't walk."


Tovah talked Cyrus into joining our band.


In an army no man is permitted to leave without permission.

You're probably expecting Jan to arrive on time.

She plugged in a printer.

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I find it weird that you'd like to see me given how much I bothered you last week.


He felt for his matches and found them in his back pocket.

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You said it didn't hurt.

Patty will never admit that he was wrong.

Dale doesn't understand what Shamim is trying to say.

One advantage of being old is that you no longer desire all the things that you couldn't afford to buy when you were young.

She doesn't have as much patience as you do.


My job is giving me a stomach-ache.


He crushed the stone completely.

We don't have a solution.

Would you please shut the window?

Where would you like to go this afternoon?

If you die, I'll kill you!

Do you want me to get that for you?

You're learning Irish.

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Something you should know about me is that I half of what I say is meaningless.

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Suspicion that this amounts to insider trading has strengthened.

I'm your boss.

Does this come in any other color?

I look after you.

I don't have a clue.

The incident gave a shock to the whole school.

Japanese is our mother tongue.

Do a composition exercise, please.

I've learned something from this book.

Sundar suggested that we cancel the meeting.

Toerless's computer made a strange noise and then went dead.


Did you ask him?

This was his first voyage as captain.

I have family in Los Angeles.

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Are we doing the right thing?

We went to the beach to swim.

I saw Sandeep kill Eileen.

I see a white lion.

I'll make you a model plane.

We had to help him.

You're the engineer.


Liber wanted to drop out of school.


We directed them to the station.

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Don't let anyone turn off the light.


Who knows what happened?

Do write to me soon!

Judge was sitting in the front of the bus.

No, the police aren't looking for a man with a dog. They're looking for a man with a hat.

The thermometer stood at 15 degrees.

He is the greatest statesman that ever lived.

We have to learn how to do that.

It seems to be a lynx.

Is this a puzzle?

A people free to choose will always choose peace.

Let's play hopscotch.


He died of cancer of the stomach.

May happiness knock early at your door, April.

Always obey your father.

Maybe you'd better come with us.

Johnny is away for the weekend.


He does a kind act once a day.

She was scared to death of her husband.



I'm taking my book with me.

My grade is above the average.

Rolfe will have to go without us.

My grandmother ran off with a cowboy.

You're humming.


A rocket needs about ten minutes to get into orbit.

It was a wonderful feeling.

The donkey was browsing quietly.

I remember meeting him somewhere.

My parents were teachers.

Do you want me to stay?

I haven't liked anything I've seen so far.

Now he is recognized as one of the most promising writers.

A baby camel is younger than a young camel.

Worry turned his hair white.

Ritalynne declined to comment for this article.

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German is Lichtenstein's official language.

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I saw an interesting poster yesterday.


Sheila kept staring.

This town hasn't changed a bit since the 1970's.

I'm going out to get some fresh air.

Is Gibraltar a country?

Let's go talk to him.


Wouldn't you agree, Len?


My love, if the food isn't ready by seven o'clock, I'm going to go to the restaurant.

We invited a novelist and poet to the party.

Are you saying that's true?


Do you want to look at this?

It's a real difficult issue.

Where's your brother?

In Dutch folklore, kabouters are tiny people who live underground.

He is twice as old as she is.