History is written by the winners.


You're always disagreeing with your boss.


This melon sounds hollow. Maybe that's why it was so cheap.

I invited Ramadoss to dinner tonight.

Rafael lifted Yvonne in the air.


Winston hung up the phone and went back to sleep.

He predicted she would win.

I satisfied you, right?

Food, clothing and shelter are the foundations of survival.

I still can't believe it.

I cannot ask Taninna out. I don't speak Berber very well.

I'll tell you my story.

Don't let Sundaresan use my bicycle.

Ning took the wrong train.

They can make the same product much more cheaply.

She came to see us yesterday.


Receiving a gift from you was an unexpected surprise.


How much money do I owe you?

You didn't happen to get his name, did you?

He sounds angry.

A person won't remain long in business if he does not come down to earth and think business.

Mott was the last person I expected to meet in Boston.


Think about what I said.

We haven't any lid for a box that big.

I wonder why Celia left that there.


Lenny towel-dried his hair.


I'm a little overweight.

I know what I've got to do.

I am very interested in soccer.


I'd like your input.

I always listen to him.

Carol gazed at George in admiration.


Heavy rain throughout the night has hampered efforts to rescue survivors from the stricken ferry.

I have done all of my homework and I'd like to take a short break.

We don't let people give money as a birthday gift.

Another beer please.

The traffic light doesn't work.


The dishes were manufactured in Taiwan.

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Deirdre fell asleep with the window open.

Will you please adjust the clock? It's slow.

We are intelligent because it's easy for us to make mistakes; nonetheless this is very hard for machines.

I have remained speechless.

Where is the telephone book?


If I should be late getting home, please don't wait up for me.


What if you lost your life in Iraq?

The little cat wants to sleep.

We do business with that company.

What was your first date like?

Where were you last year?

She looks like a monkey.

I'm not sure anything happened.

Gerard cried a lot when Christie left him.

Were you and Sir together for a long time?

Did you finish the job?

Except for Sundays, he works every day.

Please wait in the waiting room until the inspection results are ready.

She smiled at a passer-by.

I have eight brothers and sisters.

"Where is Thessaloniki?" "In Greece."


I'm reading an interesting book.

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She likes the rain.

Beauty is a short lived tyranny

Queen Elizabeth II is thought to be descended from Genghis Khan via her grandmother.

You sound a lot like her.

I was just taking a shower.

I think Glynn is likely to go to Boston in the near future.

Mr Smith is in charge of the class.

When was the last time I saw him?

Have you reported the theft to the police?

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Conrad and Nici decided to quit dating each other.

Not only the student but their teacher is looking forward to holiday.

I can't read small letters.

I'm grabbing the bull by the horns.

All sold out!


She was the only one drunk at the party.

I didn't mean for you to get hurt.

It was magical.


Don't get ahead of yourself.

Do you like Joseph for a name?

I prefer living in the country to living in the city.


No one will believe her.


Follow the stars.

You know so much about her.

Mann has helped a lot of people in this town.

I sure hope that Lea gets here on time.

I'm just kind of in a rotten mood right now. I advise you not to talk to me now. Consider yourself warned.

I feel like I know you.

I'd like a room for tonight.

Juri was a science teacher.

It is not because I do not want you to laugh at me, rather it is because I would like to laugh at you.


You must think I'm really strange.

She becomes drowsy after dinner.

I enjoy the challenge of translating the untranslatable.


A DNA test proved he was innocent.


In due course, eating meat will be considered as horrible as eating human flesh.

Robin felt confused.

Lindsay looked at his notepad.

Leave out this word.

Drinking spirits on an empty stomach is bad for one's health.

My heart is full of trouble.

The first American colonists arrived in the 17th century.


A tic-tac-toe match is usually quick.

Each of them has to write a report about what he saw.

The one who wrote, read twice.

Her name then was Agnes.

I know that nothing lasts forever.

Mah has a really nice place.

We sometimes judge others based on their actions.

Dan came back home tired.

I wish you could have come with me.

She didn't even try to help.

You can't help yourself, can you, Surya?


There's nothing more I can do.

Mitch was suffocating.

That apple is bruised.

Dan didn't even slap Linda.

I'm used to talking about it.

Who told you to say that to me?

Do you have your plane ticket?


Please give us room.

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As I lost so much, I finally started to find myself.

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Who paid for it?


Nobody's seen us.


I'd never marry someone like you.

It was fun celebrating together.

Jacob's screaming.

Hsuan laughed and Marian laughed with him.

There's a man with a gun in his hand standing at the door.

The fancy restaurant has become a dive.

I've never been to Oslo.

We were neighbors.

Suzanne is probably looking for me right now.

He is rich enough to buy a foreign-made car.

I can't believe you're trying to bribe me.

I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding.

You'll never too careful crossing a street.

There is insufficient light for reading.

Sherman's been blacklisted.


Jaime's conduct is a reflection on the way he was brought up.


Boston is my home now.

Close your eyes and sleep!

Please give me this money.

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Do you know someone we could trust?

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It is against the rule to cross the street while the red light is on.

I saw you on TV.

I have no connection the matter.


Under the table was a black cat.

Purity is at best an approximation.

You missed your ten o'clock.

It seems that the store is closed today.

She came home very late.

It was quite expensive, but I really wanted that plushy, so I decided to buy the collector's edition of it.

I've made up my mind to ask Himawan to forgive me.

You must put these mistakes right.

What I don't understand is why.

Stumbling on something this simple, I can tell it will be difficult going forward.

Rupert didn't recognize the truck driver.

The child is helpless in his rage.

Some children learn languages easily and others with difficulty.

I need to know how to do this.

I've got two cars, but they're both out of service.

Everybody is subject to law.

If you continue with the pointless arguments here...it'll end up as a repeat of yesterday.