I'm taking a book.

Researchers say that it's easier to lose weight if you eat three square meals a day.


She has a lot of history books.


What you need is a good long holiday.

Victoria always tries to do what he thinks is right.

One day she was spoken to by a stranger.

There is no room for further improvement in this system.

Adrian wants everything out in the open.

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My father usually drinks beer, but this evening he drank wine.

I was wrong all along.

There was a terrible accident on the freeway yesterday.


I'm just being sarcastic.


Annard and Lorien have two cats.

Alf didn't quite understand how to do it.

I have some questions for her.

I've been here way too long.

The flight to Boston should take about ninety minutes.


The model plane they built was fragile.


Oktoberfest has often already ended by September.

My happy schooldays will soon be behind me.

The girl opened her umbrella.


It's your favorite song.

I went to a big dinner party last night.

Don't you pass out on me.

I took him up on his offer.

I'm wheezing.

Thank you so much for helping me.

I have 20 euros left.


When was the last time you offered flowers to your wife?

All took part in the negotiations.

The temperature outside is four degrees below zero.

What do you mean, you don't know that?

It's been another avalanche of a road in Ekkjeskaret in Odda municipality in Hordaland Tuesday night and it is unknown if someone is taken by the slide.

My parents objected to my going there alone.

The beetle buzzes.

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To summarize, I'm saying that society is becoming better.

They watched her carefully.

Helen reviewed the day's happenings.


I feel like somehow I've stopped thinking of translation as something enjoyable.


Bret knows that now.

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It's your responsibility to do that.

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Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

Dick plans to go there alone.

Like me, Lucy has many friends.

She is cleaning a car.

I received a letter in French last week.

Lewis has been badly beaten.

That's what I said all along.

That's not really my thing.

There's no need for an apology.

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Just looking for someone to talk to.

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What do you want to do that for?

I feel so lonely that I want someone to talk with.

Why is Spike home?

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We try to go to Boston at least once a year.

Don't worry. We'll succeed. Have faith!

I'm sorry, but the number you have dialled is incorrect.

I'm the coach.

You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.

How long do I have to wait to pick up the medicine?

It's a good thing you didn't go to Wolfgang's party.


It was pretty dangerous.

We're going to paint the wall.

Bob was popular with all his classmates.


Your room is a pigsty.

He was humiliated by her.

It is impossible to know what will happen in the future.


He's studying now.

No matter which road you follow, the drive to town won't take you more than twenty minutes.

Michael came in and handed a message to Irwin.

We're no longer working for Kimmo.

Edwin told Ruth he had a lot of money.


A short stroll along the beach gave me a good appetite for breakfast.

We do almost everything together.

When his wife died, he received dozens of letters of sympathy.


No matter how many people tell him he made a mistake, Kee still insists he's right.

He has three sons, who work in the same office.

Ernie was OK with it.


Persian's not hard.

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I ate a greater burdock tempura.

Usually, Americans prefer big cars.

We're not all students here.


Let's rehearse the fourth scene.

He came back before eight.

She was shaken by the accident.

I didn't know that you cared.

What else could you possibly give me that I don't already have?

What is the central aim of this plan?

Give me back my bag.


No sooner is one lie out of your mouth than you're telling yet another.

I can't thank you enough for your kindness.

Oskar pretended not to hear what was going on.


I will have finished the work by next week.


You might as well come in.


I cannot disclose any information about the informant.

I didn't want to hurt you.

I'm learning Basque.


You're parked in my space.

The problem is Thad.

I was significantly older than her.

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I had a little chat with John after the meeting.

You don't have to go with them.

I'd rather die than marry you!

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You have no reason to be worried.

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It has happened that people sleeping with the fan on have experienced a freezing of the stomach, as well as a local air pressure stress leading them to feel unwell.

Who is your wife?

In the beginning I did not like him, but now I do.

Val stuck to his job.

While I was speaking, he said nothing.

I will meet you at the station tomorrow.

Betty killed her mother.

Rudolph wondered what Betty wanted him to say.

I'm sure they're talking about what happened.

She felt like dancing.

We'll stay as long as we can.

Look out for the car.

I'm too busy to go.

We always shout when we are angry.

How's the job hunt?

How do I get to Gate 33?

He has played his card out of turn.


I really like the way your hair looks.

I don't need any more money.

I have written a letter.

This is a socio-linguistic study on the Japanese language.

How often did you play basketball when you were in high school?

You are my sunshine.

No one likes me.


If you want to change people, you must love them.

Please tell her to leave.

The public is invited.

We are engaged in a difficult task.

Don't swear in public.


Their climbing of Mt. Everest was a great achievement.

Teri talks to you more than he talks to any other girl.

It's been funny to see how the world changes as the years go by.

We can't leave here without Venkata.

I still wish I were going with you.

I was locked out! There's got to be something fishy going on.

I don't want you to date her.

Why are those people climbing up on the roof?

Rayan was humiliated by Sedovic.


She got the ticket for free.

How was your week?

"Aren't you Mr. Ogawa?" "Yes, I am. Can I help you?"


Jesper complained that the room was too hot.

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He doesn't eat anything other than fruit.

Adlai is very successful.

A promise is not enough.

That movie is a scream.

Lukas floated down the river on a raft.


She told me her mum bought it for her.

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Tolerant has never heard Lea speak French.

We all have changed.

Eugenie was sublime, she was a woman.

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This time you were lucky.

I'm going to need your help on this.

I may have to fire them.