Angus Gardner

Full time student at Westminster Kingsway College

About me:

Hi, I'm Angus, and I'm a full time student at Westminster Kingsway College. I'm currently studying for a level 3 BTEC in Computing, which I will finish in June 2019, and an A-level in Maths, which I will also finish at the end of this academic year. This website will serve as my online portfolio, which will contain some of the different projects I have worked on or am working on currently.

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These are some projects that I work on in my spare time! I do a lot of different things, such as game development and website production. Have a look around to find out more.

Raid Of Heroes

Raid Of Heroes is a tile-based adventure game that I have created. It is a browser based game written primarily in JavaScript

View Project HTML JavaScript CSS3

3D Digital Snowglobe

This is a small, interactive 3D Snowglobe that I have written using JavaScript.

View Project HTML JavaScript Three.js

Random Number Guessing Game

For this project, I have created a small Python program that functions as a random number guessing game.

View Project Python

Python Password Generator

Security is important, and I have decided to create a password generator for those struggling to think of their own!

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