What is especially important is the observation of the traditional values.

I hate being sick.

Jagath's dream came true.


The Hebrew language continues to evolve.


Julian's a charmer.

I've seen a lot of changes here.

His father died, and to make matters worse, his mother fell ill.

I'm not sure what I was thinking.

And your parents? When do they arrive?


Her blood flowed over her chest.

This dress leaves little to the imagination.

I find it difficult to go to the gym at the end of a long day.

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Past the west coasts of Europe and Africa to the tip of southern Africa.


There are no breakthroughs.

You don't even know where we're going yet.

Long hair is out of fashion now.


I should go warn him.


I'm very mindful of that.


All I want is some companionship.

Follow your dream to help others.

Our client wants to build a house with an internal courtyard in order to avoid unwelcome gazes from the outside.

He will have to undergo an operation next week.

They will arrive at six, and then we will all have dinner.


I want him to lose.


We should acquaint ourselves with the facts.

I'm finished here.

Sorrow filled his breast.


The process has already begun.

Lemon and melon are anagrams.

Will closed his bookstore because he said that he couldn't compete with Amazon anymore.


When my father heard my wife was pregnant, he couldn't have talked a bluer streak.

They avoided each other for days.

He is not so much a scholar as a TV personality.


Their job is to coat the walls with plaster.

She lost her temper along with me.

Your cup is on the table.

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I don't care about it at all.

It covers everything from the fundamentals of microbiology to the latest news.

My way is action not words.

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Last year, my dad passed away.

Dare you ask him about it?

He thinks that I don't know what he did.


But for the heat of the sun, what would become of the living things on earth?

You should've seen what happened.

I'm seriously annoyed with her.


Audrey showed considerable presence of mind.

As the situation is delicate, you should be careful of what you say.

The facts do their job.

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He was caught by the police.

I'm looking forward to the party.

What do you make?

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They're going to shoot her.

Is there anything you can do?

Now, why do you have to do that?

Go with them!

Lenny certainly wasn't too happy last night.

Vladislav always does as he pleases.

I should be with you.

He has brown hair.

The coffee is nasty.

The suspect was hiding out in the mountains for three weeks.

The student is at the blackboard.


Promise me you'll help her.


Judge asked me to keep an eye on Dirk.

He is no saint.

You look good without your glasses on.

I came near to getting involved in a crime.

I suddenly got very worried about Tareq.

Our school stands on the hill.

They had a fairytale wedding.

I'm tired of always having to do all the work.

Stan said he had plenty of friends in Boston.

"What happens to man," asked himself the wise man, "when touched by the angel of death?"

I'm sure the two of you agree.

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Actually, I'm kind of busy.

She dominates her husband.

The grieving woman was consoled by her friends.

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How should it work?

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I want to know the truth.

There's never enough time to do all you want.

He was drinking.

It's my passion.

I'll come help you.

Could you call a doctor, please?

I have no money to pay for the bus.


She'll tell him about it when she comes back.


Malcolm looks worried, too.

I heard you talking to her.

How would you feel in this situation if you were Pierette?

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Doing that was stupid.

Even if I grant that what you say is true, it is no excuse.

Everything he did disturbed me.

I have to talk to them.

They slept on public streets, buses, or trains.

Each can decide freely.

Stop torturing me.

Andre bought a Geiger counter.

This is a variety of violet.

From the terrace there was the magnificent view of Mont Blanc.

Regrettably, that didn't happen.

Greg denied having been there.

No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.

Cuyuchi is standing near the lime tree.

The Master said, "If a man be without the virtues proper to humanity, what has he to do with the rites of propriety? If a man be without the virtues proper to humanity, what has he to do with music?"


When was the last time you ate a burrito?

Wooden houses catch fire easily.

I don't believe Naomi. I think she's lying.

Linda has vanished and no one really knows with whom she ran off.

I'm sure Margie will appreciate any help you can offer.

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I don't want to die like this.

This is the last word in comfort.

Oil often spilled by tankers also adds to water pollution.

She is out on an errand.

The reconstruction with a translation can be limited.

What a shot!

Why do they say you have to learn English to survive?

For what purpose did he come here?

It does seem like an excellent plan.

I suggest a correction to this sentence.

"What's the reason for your allergy this time? Is it the olive oil in the salad?" "No, it's the tomatoes."

What's happened is unimportant.

Let him do all the talking.

Let's go get wasted.

A drunk robbed me.

We all quit.

I was sick, but I'm fine now.

Rahul clicked the remote to stop the video.

Marcia's a nice guy. Everyone likes him.

I'm going to get us some tea.

Stop kicking me.

Have you searched the entire house?

Shyam didn't seem busy.

They like seafood.

Jacques is also a very good cook.

What is eternal in nature when everything is so ephemeral?

I wonder whether you really understand.


Could you please speak more quietly? I am feeling hungover.

That is all nonsense.

I just read a really good book.


Ray was hurt in a car accident.


Sea otters love to eat clams while swimming on their backs.

I turned one off.

You've turned up at the right moment.

I can still see a very little bit. I can see where it's bright and where it's dark.

Am I in love?

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Does she want to look at it?

I unfortunately drew a wrong conclusion.

Maybe Rex doesn't remember me.

They couldn't keep from crying.

Are your parents home?


I'm not gambling anymore.

Do you want to hang out with us?

I have never heard him lie.

Now I praise you for what you both say and do.

I showed Shyam the way.

He went out fishing.

Ask Ken.

The welcome rain has extinguished all the bushfires. Now floods are predicted.

Vistlik wouldn't have been able to manage without Cary's support.

I'll punch the clock.

Phil answered the door.


I can see right through you.

How exactly did Lorenzo die?

She seems to have had a very hard time.