Breeze blowing through the grass - digital tools

Untitled Breeze is a simple blog that covers a bit of tech, marketing and useful digital tools I’ve picked up on the way. When I can’t think of anything useful to write about, you’ll just get to hear about random crap from my day to day life. Enjoy, or don’t, the choice is yours.

After spending years doing things to the long way to save money and learn a few new skills I’ve also managed to pick up a few useful tools along the way. While I could just throw a Medium account together and post this information there I have once again decided to do it the long way and build a whole website. Although, rather than in the interest of saving money, it’s to learn new things and its also given me at least 5-10 topics to write about. Win Win.

So to quickly recap, you probably landed here because you were looking for a helpful tool to solve your problem and now that’s been done you’re free to kill some time and read about some general crap going on in my life. Enjoy, or don’t, the choice is yours.

If you enjoy the pictures you find throughout the blog you can find them on Unsplash. You’ll probably hear me talk a lot about Unsplash as it’s definitely one of my favourite sites at the moment and perfect for sites like mine. If you’re looking for the specific link to a certain image then drop me a message on the contact us form but for each blog post, I’ll include the link at the bottom as well as credit for the photographer.


Photo by 6095135352 on Unsplash