Reservations, Waiting and Table management

Amazing Features

Faster seating

Manage queues more efficiently in real-time. Automatically notify your customers via text message.

Manage Tables

Get a customized digital floormap to help seat your customers more efficiently.


Manage customer database and easily access restaurant stats like average waiting time, business impact and much more.


Digitize table reservations based on availablility and do away with the more error-prone pen and paper way.

Engage Customers

Compensate for longer wait times by pushing discounts through text messages.


Cloud sync enables access of up-to-date reservation/wait lists from different devices and/or the web browser.

There's more!

Best-in-class services

Your Data on Cloud

Avail the benefits of your data on the cloud. Access synced, up-to-date info through your android tablets / smart phones or though the web interface.

Free Trial

Conact us for a free trial of inResto! Discover an efficient and reliable system for taking reservations and managing your wait lists. Engage with your customers directly through the app.

24/7 Support

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