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Who are we?

Great development team.

Who are we?

We are a digital company focused on making your business grow in all the digital spaces. We provide 24/7 online assistance for any development issues or enhancements you wish to make. Our differential: your company is always the center of our attention.

We are the engine that navigates this Tinyboat forward. We are your lifesaving boat!

Our team

What is tinyboat?

Technology has evolved in everywhere. All of this evolution is present in our lives every day, in ways you might not even notice, especially on the digital space - or as we prefer to call it: the digital sea.

Tinyboat is a guide on this sea. From responsive web design to full online support, bug fixes, implementation of new features, mobile app development, content creation, consulting and more.

Our ultimate goal is to be your lifesaving boat on this huge digital ocean.

our team working
  • 24 hours

    24/7 Online Support

    We are always ready for you.

  • 24 hours

    Digital interface improvements

    The user experience should always come in first place for better results.

  • 24 hours

    Advanced development tools

    We work only with the best and most accessible tools available.

  • 24 hours

    Deployment and improving server infrastructure

    Implement a more modern and easy to user server infrastructure.

  • 24 hours

    CMS development

    Manage your content without any inconvenience.

  • 24 hours

    Responsive web development and design

    Fit your content on any screen.

Our projects

A island in the ocean representing the projects that we participated

Our projects

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(260) 557-1306

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