Everything is expensive here.

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The girl in a white uniform took my temperature.

Please tell them where they need to go.

Hubert hates her job for many reasons.

I'm sorry if I overstepped my authority.

When was the last time you baked a cake?

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Call the number I gave you.

Margaret is mischievous.

Russ still sometimes writes to me.

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We're an active group.

Reading is equivalent to thinking with someone else's head instead of with one's own.

The war in Iraq happened ten years ago.

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I told you I have a girlfriend.

Students were throwing snowballs at each other.

The series of crimes were thought to have been committed by the same man.

Lowell stretched out on the grass and fell asleep.

"How do you like my hair?", asked Jerald to her husband.


That's where I want to go.


Johan brushed a bit of dirt off of his hat.


Leo left work early.


If you don't want to say anything, you don't have to.

I used to run a small bookstore in a shopping centre.

I should've asked for permission first.

I'm fed up with your stories!

Laurent's amazed.


I'll be with you every step of the way.

I bet that hurt.

He breathed deeply before entering his boss's office.

You're so old.

Benjamin can't lend Novorolsky any money right now.

Where were you this morning?

It's the dynamic interaction between the characters that makes this novel so great.


I saw him tear up the letter.


You'll get it someday.


We're anticipating more charges.

I'm tired of disinformation on Tatoeba.

Blake traveled around Australia.

Come again.

Have you ever had anything custom made?

That isn't likely to happen in my lifetime.

My e-mail address has been changed.

Nicolette was a terrorist.

Home life was being screened from foreign eyes.


It wasn't that hard to convince Pria to help.

The sun has gone down.

Watch out for big and small stones on the road!

I think Teri is optimistic.

It is completely understandable to wipe your nose on the bedclothes if you cannot find your handkerchief with the lights out.

Be careful not to be late.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the world population has more than tripled.

Lindsey was overconfident.

This is my umbrella, not Colin's.


I won't have to worry anymore.

The results of Marsh's biopsy show that the tumor is cancerous.

William told Jan he was busy.


He stuffed the money into his pocket.

Do you always run?

Milner doesn't have a clue.

What is your sister doing now?

Maybe you disagree.


Suyog felt ashamed.

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Getting a tattoo is a stupid idea.

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Serdar was the only one who ever tried to help.

At different times of year, different constellations can be seen in the sky.

They're going to consider it a great injustice.

I'm sure Moe will loan you as much money as you need.

You should have a doctor look at that.

There's no known cure.

What has legs, but cannot walk?

The governor abused his authority.

Sridhar and Rakhal met in 2013.

Srinivasan and Edmond raise rabbits for meat.

He could not bring himself to believe her story.


It is necessary to look towards the future: whoever doesn't look forward doesn't progress; and as you make your bed, so you must lie on it.

He asked her out, but she said no.

When you come back, I'll be gone.


He stood ankle-deep in the water.


It's perfectly understandable.


Give Gunter the keys.

Deirdre took care of his sick mother.

This young man has blue hair.

Jennie opened a box of matches and lit one.

I thought I'd ask Suzan for help.

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He knows who I am.

She did without necessities to pay for her daughter's lessons.

He has her on a pedestal.

Introduce me to your future wife.

Do you want something bad to happen?


Ah, so *that*'s your sister.

Dan came out of sedation.

We were all stunned.

Five multiplies two equals ten.

Have you ever been to India?

"A Happy New Year!" "I wish you the same!"

I don't trust you.

The bridge saved them a lot of time and trouble.

You did that already.

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Hey, did anybody lose their keys?


Tell her that I am peeling the potatoes.

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Those got hacked.


This store isn't very big.


Mr Frost is eligible for the post.


Vern had a little trouble finding Sangho's house.


Bucky is good at repairing watches.

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Joon was driving his girlfriend's car.


I should have read the signs.

Jeannette was brash.

Twins double the fun.


Is it ok if you wait just a little while?


Why is it so difficult to change?

Knut encouraged Sergei to turn herself in to the police.

You can take either road.

Ben admired the flower arrangement.

You must be sad as you've lost one of your friends.

You're hurt.

This problem demands immediate attention.

The notes are at the bottom of the page.

I'm going to tell you why in just a few moments.

Pretending to be a friend, the man robbed old people of their social security checks.

It's a green card marriage.

I don't understand what's happened to you.

Please say hello to Marcos for me.

People were lined up around the block waiting for the theater to open.

Diane didn't tell me why he was late.

My mom looked funny with a mud mask on her face and rollers in her hair.

She told him that she believes in astrology.

Spending time with friends on the beach is fun.

I can take you to her.


He was a good-looking guy.

Kennedy Airport, please.

She has been prescribed medical cannabis to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

Do you have a headache and a sore throat?

The money seems to have run out.


I like a day like a dream.


The Koran does not permit Mohammedans to drink. Their natural instincts do not permit them to be moral.

Don't bank too much on that business.

Lanny switched off his computer.

Don't trust what Romain says.

If you get into difficulties, don't hesitate to ask for advice.


I'm getting thinner.

Go there with me.

Charley sat impatiently.


That proposal may be a way to kill two birds with one stone, but we also have to be careful not to get greedy and spoil everything.

Police Lieutenant Collin Jackson is determined to catch the fugitive.

Sir sent money to his daughter to Boston.


There will be a big earthquake in the future.

Mysore made mistakes.

Rajesh is at home with his wife.

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She almost said "I don't know".


This is useless.

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You've got to get out of there.


This is luxury beyond my income.

America will solve her problems for herself.

Mechael has a job, right?