Hon says you know what happened to Sassan.

Doug has never had the chance to do that.

I'd never buy anything from Ssi.

I answered.


Speak of angels, and you will hear their wings.

There were a lot of excited fans in the stadium.

You don't have to say anything.

Let's get an open ticket.

The United States is a paradise for almost every kind of sports, thanks to its wonderfully varied climate.

The pope appeared in his red robe.

Arsenic is odorless and tasteless.


Fame doesn't always go hand in hand with success.

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Rahul deposited 1,000 dollars in his saving account.

Francisco is wearing a biohazard suit.

It looks fantastic.

I don't like men like him.

The family ate lunch.

She held the kitten in the same way a mother gorilla would hold her own baby.

Manavendra paid a lot of money for that guitar.

Pia doesn't have any cash.

I had a chat with her.

I definitely want Phiroze to be here by 2:30.

I know a man who speaks French.

I cannot make up in the month of Ramadan.

Are you sure he can do this?

They were singing the national anthem.

He is a man of weak character.

I added your name to the list.

You can't be forced to testify against your husband.

Let me write this down.

She is American, but she lives in England.


Sugar is sweet.

We spent a good deal of money on the project.

His great-grandfather looked sick.


I'm mad at her.

He took a taxi in order not to miss the train.

I'm satisfied with the results.


I wish I didn't have to tell you this.


This argument is unassailable.

What's your favorite thing to do on weekends?

I go to the park.


I can't hold up my head before him.

Do you believe in the Evil Eye?

There were enough seats for all of us.


Pia's thirty.


You very nearly guessed it.

After all, their form of transport produces no pollution at all.

They chop wood every day.

You were the last person to see Seth.

He tore the newspaper in half.


He seems to be all thumbs.

My father died three years ago, that is to say in 1977.

Do you love your father?

They all looked happy.

We're grateful to you for what you did.


She gave him a tender kiss.

Is there a nitrite substitute for food?

This could be my fault.

Even his teacher didn't understand him.

I'm not sure how much you'll get paid.

She wanted to have fun.

Our principal's name is Mr. Jackson.

Suzan knows Malus pretty well.

I went to a concert with them.

We're forced to decide when we'll move.

The pilgrims brought gifts from distant lands.

I'll be back within a couple of hours.

Saqib looks exactly the same as he always does.


Sorry, I don't feel well.

I've visited my father's grave.

I have to teach Rathnakumar that.


We tend to err.

I'm entitled to my own opinion.

What a terrible film! It's really overrated in my view.

You need to leave immediately.

She didn't want me to join up the army.


I'd like to have my blood examined.

From these verses, we can see the different description of the same entity: the city, the kingdom, the heavenly Jerusalem, the church, and Mount Zion.

To get his own business off the ground, he linked up with a few more solid companies.


My boss will not say 'yes'.


I hope we can figure this out.


The whole village was consumed by the fire.


All you ever do is worry about what'll happen, so you never get anything done.

I know what happened with them.

Oh, if only that were true!

Everything depends upon the results.

I'm following you.

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Let's hope that never happens again.

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I can't find my plane ticket.

His fever subsided.

He can't keep time.

She is easily moved to tears.

Did Vic leave Wendy or did she leave him?


Everybody was jealous of my success.

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She has been a nominee on five occasions, three of them in consecutive years.

Dirk used to live on Park Street.

The closeness of their relationship was too much for him and his busy schedule.

The three big men eat.

I kiss with my eyes open.

As I was sleepy, I went to bed.

This word-processor is very convenient.

May I come to see you at your office tomorrow morning?

Vick shouldn't have been doing what he was doing.


The number of automobiles has been increasing.

Petr could've stayed quiet.

He goes there every day.


The fourth month is called April.

A strong cup of coffee helps me wake up.

Maybe Vijay can figure out how to fix this.

How do you feel about her?

What makes the classics both intriguing and fascinating is that they're near enough that we can feel the similarity and they're distant enough that we have to do some work to bridge the gap.

Please introduce me to the attractive girl who is talking with Lucius.

"Andre! Stop doing your homework. Go outside and play!" "No mom, I want to study ahead for the next test."


We praise the good old times, but live today.

I'll tell you what I want you to do.

People really feared him.

Reinhard rolled over in bed.

Do you really want me to go there right now?

Tell him to relax.

You have to be flexible.

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Blake told me he was going to the gym.


I lived with Gail and Clayton for three years.

There's something I need to do this afternoon.

They can conquer their fear.

He threatened me, but I wasn't scared.

We're all back safe and sound.

He was able to build a small house.

I practiced my English on him.

I refused absolutely.

There's little to do.

They were nice.

We must pay in cash.

I hit the jackpot.

Hello Tao, I'm Byron.

It will soon be New Year.

You deserve a vacation.

I suggest you talk to Brandy.

There are a lot of pictures in this book.

I'll have to talk to Lenny about that.

She leads a solitary life in a remote area of Scotland.

I have tons of books at the office.

You'll need some money.

She took a hot bubble bath surrounded by scented candles.

They're all in cahoots.

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The insect ate the peach hollow.

Nelken and Ravi got along very well.

Can this wait till morning?

That's something to be proud of.

When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself.


These pictures were taken three months ago.

Those simple and direct words finished off the candidate, leaving him speechless.

I grew up eating Japanese food.

They must have failed through lack of enthusiasm.

You're a pathetic loser.

He cooked me dinner.

She speaks both English and French.


I thought you wouldn't be able to do that.

Just step back.

He gave me a big hug.

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Can I know where you work?

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A gun might come in handy.

One needs to work hard to get a good score.

Judith isn't going to let Alf get to him.

Is that the key you are looking for?

Sorrel will meet Lynn somewhere in Boston.


Do you know where?