Who's your best friend?

We have it!

If you have a couple minutes, could you hear me out?

I need some air.

What will you do with your first paycheck?

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I'm unable to say.

You only have to ask for it.

She slept in the car.


They shot her.


Breakfast is a smorgasbord.

Through the centuries, teleportation accelerated space exploration, even beyond the Solar System.

We spent the entire day in Yoyogi Park.


I've got something to show you.

I am more than grateful for you help.

Let me know what you think.

I burnt my fingertip.

Who'll start?

I don't want to lie any more.

I know that Rodney hurt you.


Right is right and wrong is wrong.

We all consider it wrong to cheat in examination.

I have to help him.


We looked into it.


I'm thinking I'll take a few days off.

Why are you so busy all the time?

I don't care who you are, I care about what you do.


Keep Amir away from us.


Never cast dirt into that fountain of which you have sometime drunk.

Are all passengers on board?

This is not a complete list.


What's in the basket?

Do you have any idea what caused the problem?

Free parking will be available.

Barry plays the guitar.

That's a fair question.


Simon could not believe that James liked eating spinach as a child -- until the day that politeness forced her to try her grandmother's spinach. From then on, she had a new favorite dish!

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He is full of potential.

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This lake is the deepest in Japan.

Please read it once more.

I like your last name. Can I take it?

Jesus's wife died three years ago.

There's a chance that Nici won't be there.

They smiled at you.

It wasn't me. It's him!


Barrett let the ashes from his cigarette fall on my expensive carpet.


Centuries later, there were more humans in outer space than there were on Earth.

Chuck's very, very good.

He hit me on the head.

Jianyun's dog licked his hand.

We're used to that.


Are you a religious person?

His wife died leaving behind their two beloved children.

Stuart's behaviour had very negative effects on his workmates.

Sassan had been waiting till her child fell asleep.

It's not as easy as it looks.

I got there ahead of time.

I didn't see what was in the box.

I think I can help with that.

It's upstairs.

Have you flown before?

Spyros takes after her mother.

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She finished up lunch with coffee.

In this winter, it seems that it gets very cold.

Ken's father was a pastor.

What's the hold up?

She killed a hamster thinking that it was a mouse.

I'm feeling a little dizzy.

Thank you for preparing meals for me while I was sick in bed.

I'm going upstairs.

The lawyer has many clients.

I'm afraid I can't talk about that.

I punished her.

Everything looks good here.

He ate up his fortune by gambling.

She won't be beholden to special interests.

Will you relieve me while I go downstairs for a minute?

I'm sure Ray didn't see it that way.

We sat, as it were, on a volcano.

God created the world in six days.

It'd be a pleasure to be a godmother to your son!

I have a room full of toys. Do you want to play?

That group is presently very active.


You have to try this.

I don't have a hundred dollars.

Connie opened his duffel bag.


I'm not sure I can do what you want me to do.

Michael deserves to go to jail.

Lenora hasn't complained of any discomfort.

We chose Henry captain of our team.

I was hoping Dick could lend me some money.

It's stuck.

Pierce was raised by his grandfather.

I don't play that game.

Ginny didn't give me the information I requested.

Hopefully you can rest and relax on the flight home.

Is this yours?

No one has been murdered.

Although Go is probably the most popular Japanese game in my country, even Go isn't well known except among some university students.

The robot's guidance system has gone haywire. It keeps bumping into walls.

Roberto hasn't played the guitar for years.

The "pitch drop experiment" is a well-known long-term experiment that was started in 1930 and still continues to this day.

Ozan couldn't calculate the price of the collection.

Will it clear up this afternoon?

I think we've done a great job.

I've waited for it.

My friend is here.

I'm keeping a record of basal body temperature.

I need to have a word with him.

We think little of him as a scholar.

Copernicus became a symbol, that of heliocentrism.


I've been married twice.

I broke her heart.

The party gained ground rapidly.

Call me right back.

You like it, don't you?

Nobody thinks about my country.

I saw a hare in the forest.

He was not a good politician.

I wish he could have come.

What good books these are.

Ilya didn't say another word.


Where's everybody else?


That statement is false.

You can't help them.

Lucifer speaks only French to his parents.

Mr. Tanaka, do you have any stock?

Marion found Steven repulsive.

Let me think for a second.

It's such a nice change.

Arlene decided the best thing was to let Ray go to Boston.

Vic turned on the faucet.


When do you think you'll see Sheila?

I live in this area.

I learned French all by myself.

Earl is a better driver than I am.

She seems to have a tendency to exaggerate things.

The answer was pretty astonishing.

I'm getting pretty worn out driving every morning.

To understand Japanese culture to the full, you should learn the language.

Let me direct that question to Dr. Olson.

Bernard and I aren't the same.

To tell truth, I'm not so well as before.


I am not on call tomorrow.


He's in the kitchen preparing food.

We have a severe winter this year.

We wish to improve ourselves.


Look at me!


That cloth is made from cotton.

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Susanne's living room was tastefully furnished.

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We'll go there next week.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Dawson didn't meet Valentin or anyone else.

Do you have the source code?

They want me to go in.


I prefer soccer to baseball.

His pictures are on display in various European and American museums.

Saiid can touch his nose with his tongue.

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The alarm clock is ringing.

I am going to miss you.

We're tired and thirsty.

Mars also contains lowlands which are found in the northern hemisphere.

Students are supposed to study hard.

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Gale didn't feel safe in Boston.

Gerald walked into Walter's office.

Margie thinks the answer is yes.

The dead are gone and they cannot defend themselves. The best thing to do is to leave them in peace!

Everyone is talking about it.