He's rich enough to buy two cars.

The bus driver glared at us for shouting.


He took off his T-shirt.

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They don't seem busy.

I really don't mind doing this.

Eugene and Jinchao decided to get married.

I will set about my task at once.

I don't want to forget this moment.

I am rather happy.

I can't tell if Hwa is dead or just unconscious.

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That was a misinterpretation.

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You will accompany the children to school.

I wish to live in a big city.

Adlai needs our advice.

When I woke up, she was gone.

It wasn't me. It was the cat.

I don't know what you don't want me to know, so I don't know what I want to know.

You'll recognize him.

Lucifer says he's too tired today to help.

We'll be back.

Damon wants to eat some ice cream.

We looked for it here and there.

Alejandro and Michael named their daughter Alice.

How much time do you spend studying French every day?


I'm sorry if I disturbed you.

She likes to wear dark colours.

I don't think I'll get any sleep tonight.

What did you go to Kyoto for?

He may be on the next train.

These oranges are good to eat.

Do you know what he has done?

She missed the deadline.

She has a broad view of things.

We used to fight a lot.

We have had a lot of snow and I am very happy.

I looked outside through the window.

Eduardo told us a sad story about an old man and his dog.

With the passage of time, Murray felt less bitter about the situation.

Toft isn't sure this is such a good idea.


If it's all right with you, I'd like to stay for a while longer.


You must have me confused with someone else.

No one is answering.

Brent scanned the paperwork.


I gave an answer that was way out in left field when the teacher caught me off-guard and called on me.

Please let me pick up your sister at the station.

The purpose of the committee is to develop children's musical talent.

You have to answer this question.

Let's stay focused.

Did you see who was inside?

I share her political position.

I see tears in your eyes.

How many arithmetic books are left?

I wish I had brought my computer.

Did you ever call him?

That may have been the last one.

I think she's out looking for a job.

I was born on the 18th of March 1994.

What was Harold looking for out there in the backyard?


You should only believe about half of what Spy says.


We are great Tigers fans.


That wouldn't be too difficult.

I don't know what happened.

Joel works in Boston.

The nurse tied a rubber tube around my arm before he drew blood.

Prices are going to rise still further.

I don't want to see my future after 30 years.

It is completely natural for her to be mad.

I tried not to worry.

Innocence, most often, is a blessing and not a virtue.


Has Jacob told you where he met Phil?

He often adopts the behaviours and speech patterns that characterise the advantaged.

I know you're not lying.


We always look forward to Ruth's annual visit.

Please transfer 450 dollars to my account.

You're perfect the way you are.


Malaclypse was sick.

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A few months later he left the rock band.

Just have them call me, OK?

Spudboy felt cheated.

Do you think that you would enjoy being famous?

What are they waiting for?

The female-boss of the company seems shameless.

This led to unexpected results.

I'm waiting to hear from Stuart.

Who ran for president that year?

She is very free with her money.

We came together.

He said nothing as to my request.

We're both idiots.

I am busy now and can't play with you.

Let me have a minute with you.

Srinivasan told me where you were.

I was very disappointed when I heard the news.

Ask me anything you want to know about Roxana.

We don't think it matters.

Daryl took his coat out of the closet and put it on.

Konstantinos didn't say where or when to meet him.

On cloudy days, you can hear distant sounds better than in clear weather.

It's so nice to meet you.

Food is essential to life.

Only your stubborn opinions have to be listened to.

Why didn't you write to me right away?

Socorrito happened to let out the secret to his friends.


The American culture had been transplanted from Europe.

Hunger urged him to steal.

In France, women have gained many rights, likewise, that has happened in the United States.

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My job is to wash the dishes.

What we need is a little more time.

Meg has a lovely face.

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I lost my way in Boston.

During the summer of 2003, NASA launched twin robotic rovers named Spirit and Opportunity.

What's taking everybody so long?

You will ruin your health if you drink too much.

We should try to treat everybody with justice.

He is accounted guilty of the crime.

I wish I hadn't skipped breakfast this morning.

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Spike broke the rules and was kicked off the team.

Don't I get a hug?

As it happened, I had no money with me.

Did you want to speak with me?

Shuvra might've been able to tell us what we wanted to know.

He won a silver medal.

This can't keep happening.


He demanded better pay.

Jakob doesn't dress like anybody else.

How can I fix my leaky faucet?

She complained of her headache.

She's smartly dressed.

It seemed too good to be true.

This stone is beautiful. Where did you find it?

The river swelled rapidly because of the heavy rain.

I am completely exhausted.

He looks like your brother.

Mum, what is the address of Father Christmas? I would like to send him a letter.


Riparian zones are narrow strips of land located along the banks of rivers.


Where is everybody from?


The police have been searching for the stolen goods for almost a month.


Seymour never gives me any answers.

Laurianne won't let Hotta do that.

Did Marika show you how to milk cows?


Marsha explored every possibility.

But it is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself.

This dictionary is of great use for students.

Who can predict what will happen in the future?

That's just weird.

When it comes to physics, no one comes close to him.

All systems are go.


It was stupid of you to believe in him.

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She tried to screen her son from reality.

The result of the poll will be known soon.

She refused to conform.


It sounds a bit goofy.


What do you think of your job?

I am very happy in Georgia.

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral formed from two sets of parallel lines.

"Where is my classroom?" "It's on the third floor."

Randell threw a tomato at Randall.

At four, we can go home.

You can't hide the fact from her.

"What does Phoebus mean?" "It's a Latin word that means sun."

It depends on you.

I'm afraid Johnnie will kill me.

I lost the game.

We are calculating the benefits.

How did you get him to say yes?

I neither heard nor saw anything.

How much distance could you accept in a long distance relationship?

I won't do anything like that.

It will prove to be up to expectation.

Trains are running on schedule.

I'm at the airport right now.