Excuse me, but is this the right way to the subway station?

Noam's school books are very expensive.

He looks just like his mother.

Jon's eyes were moist.

Wendell sat back down.


I would rather die than marry him.


Why didn't I think of this?

Do you live in the desert?

Klaus says he can trace his ancestors back about 300 years.


I prefer to take medicine rather than getting a shot.

I'm sober.

It goes without saying that diligence is a key to success.

Bronze is composed of copper and tin.

The skyscraper was built on a solid foundation.

Let's flip a coin.

It seems like this time it's for good.


Damon wouldn't go into specifics.

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What if every day were Saturday?


It's up to you to decide whether we'll go there or not.

It's Nou. What's he doing out here?

The movie will have started before we get there.

I like shopping on the internet.

He showed a lot of skill.


That's my point.

Gregge watched nervously.

I'd better call him first.


Everything happens the way it's supposed to happen.

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It's pissing with rain.


That looks like the kind of guy who'd buy me lots of designer goods tee-hee-hee.

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Janice went to school by car.


My father is a bank clerk.

We're spontaneous.

I am quite tired of hearing her boasting. She should talk about other things.

Thierry was frisked by the police officer.

You've never been to Europe, have you?

I've been ordered to take charge.

Reinhard got sidetracked.


Bobby tasted the stew and frowned.


We went back down into the cellar.

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She failed and felt humiliated.

The good news brought tears to her eyes.

I'll go to Paris when I have enough money.


Nigel said you might be coming by.

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My child! Who has my child? Who took my child?

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You just need a change of scenery.

There is no easy answer.

Jochen couldn't see Laura from where he stood.

The bat was stolen yesterday, along with the balls.

Here's a letter from him.

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Siegurd breathed a sigh of relief.

... Hey-hey you two, is it no holds barred as soon as you know it's my treat?

I've told him where to meet us.

He interviewed the suspect today.

They'll come looking for her.

That sounds like a big waste of money.

How can you be so callous?

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For example, what would you do if you had ten thousand dollars?

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Syed said he didn't know.

Kamel laughed hysterically.

My children live in Rome.


It's not far from here to there.

I can run faster than Ken.

Loren had his wisdom teeth taken out by a twenty-four year old dentist.

Does Dannie live next door to the bus driver with whom John worked?

I know I heard something.


Becky stayed at my place for three weeks.


Is that from him?

Kiev is the mother of Russian cities.

Sal couldn't stop hiccuping.

I think I need to get new glasses.

I advise you wear a heavy coat.


Do you watch telly?

Do you like this colour?

We met with an unexpected difficulty.


Don't throw trash here.

He has written five books so far.

I don't see what's so amusing.

Toerless is a master.

Give him any help you can.

Gypsy has gone underground.

I've never seen them cry.

I couldn't come to his birthday party.

Where have you been?

Maybe someone made them do it.

You can't just work all day every day. You need to take a vacation once in a while.

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The food is cold.


The cause of the fire was unknown.

From the hotel, we could see the entire park very clearly.

I love baseball, and have hardly missed seeing any big games.

Lum has already given me what I really wanted.

Marcia tried to persuade Juliane to stay in Boston.

You need to be really careful.

When I met my former teacher, he inquired after my parents.

The man who is constantly making decisions and being compelled to alter them gets nowhere.

My hands are numb from the cold.


You're not invited to lunch.

Johnnie needs some space.

She showed him to his seat.

That cost us a lot.

What is this? This is a bus.

That leaves us no choice.

He told her firmly to realize how serious her condition was.

The referee blew his whistle twice to tell everyone it was full-time.

An adverb is a word which modifies a verb, an adjective and sometimes another adverb.


He meditated for two days before giving his answer.

He's snoring and we're studying.

Oliver asked Torsten for some money so he could buy something to eat.

We have something even better.

I'm sorry we're late.


Guy didn't need to buy so much food.

Do you want him to help you?

I'm looking for a friend of mine.

Will they be able to come tomorrow?

It's nice you found a girlfriend.

He said so by way of a joke.

Shahid was unreliable.

He was re-elected six years later.

I've had my ups and downs, but I've always managed to pull myself together.

Don't send me home, please.

She shared the room with two other sisters.

I don't even know what Juliane's real name is.

Tuna said he would stop smoking.


Siping said you have my keys.

Ozan loves to climb mountains.

You're writing.


I will find you, Charley.

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We caught her.

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Miles, stop sending me weird pictures! In fact, why don't you stop sending me anything at all.

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We'll figure out how to solve the problem later.

I'd like to have my hair trimmed.

She is looked up to by all her classmates.

When does this play start?

I need to feed Vinod.


Morgan stuffed his hands in his pockets.

Sid painted his room white.

The storm sent the temperature down.

Jean-Christophe had trouble believing that Jelske actually liked him.

He acted fairly toward me.

It's worthwhile carrying out the idea.

My eyes haven't yet adjusted to the darkness.

What is graven on a stone, isn't written for no reason.

This girl is very awful.

We're going to get you home.

She must be stupid to say such a thing.

I hate not winning.

I'm thankful for everything.

Could you keep this luggage until 3 p.m.?

You are accountable to me for his actions.

She has many faults, but I trust her none the less.

Few people realize it, but it's true.

Laurianne is a veteran now.

It constantly appalls me how stupid he can be.

But you've never told me about this!

What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?


My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it's going to explode.

Meeting strangers is one of the pleasures of a trip.

He acquainted himself with his job.

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I'd been on my own all week and was starving for conversation.


You should read the newspapers in order to keep up with the times.