Cold Therapy Device Lawsuit Attorney

Cold TherapyTraditional “ice packs” melt.  We are used to leaving them on until they do so.  Cold numbs the skin and nerves and desensitizes us to the cold.  That is okay with ice packs.  It can cause serious problems with “cold therapy” units, however.   Because of inadequate warnings, many victims leave the cooling pads on the affected area for extended periods of time.   Because they are numb, victims do not realize the tremendous harm which may occur.  Some of our victims have suffered frost bite.  Others have suffered nerve injuries which cause serious and permanent (“chronic”) pain.  Many victims can no longer return to work, care for their own needs, or participate in the daily activities they used to enjoy. 

We obtain our clients compensation for all of those losses.  We determine what future medical needs are necessary and obtain compensation for those needs.  We determine what income will be lost and obtain compensation for that loss.  Most importantly, we obtain compensation for the pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life that each of our clients suffer.  Don’t be left out.  If you or someone you care about is a victim of a defective cold therapy system, call or write today.  There is no charge unless and until we win your case, and the initial consultation is absolutely free.


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