We have some pressing issues to deal with at the moment.

I have a fever at night.

The bridge is low.


She solved a case.


I don't want to end up like her.

Chinese philosophy is the best.

I'm glad someone agrees with me for once.

Her clothes were out of place at a formal party.

God created the heaven and the earth.

I love her to death.

They like the extreme cold of Alaska.

He kept singing.

Reporter: Did you buy her a kitten?

I had barely got into the house when the phone rang.

Elaine took the bottle of Scotch from his briefcase and handed it to Spy.

Kyung invited Benjamin to spend the rest of the night at his place.

We have a lot of work to do today.


Byron isn't often invited to parties.

It's pretty wild.

The truth is I've always liked Boston.

Glenn doesn't want to travel alone.

Man can be subdued through fear.

I waver in my mind, a place just for me.

If you want to come back, I'll understand.


Tell him we're on our way.


I got a swarf in my eye.

Gunter is different from his brother.

Vickie is getting a little nervous.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Sensors for motorized awnings can be bought here.

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I never want to do it again.


Bernard often tells us jokes.

That's what Pilot was hiding.

I'm afraid I won't be able to make myself understand in French.

Kemal doesn't read anything.

Jay tried to run away.

Valentin wondered if Barrio would remember to buy bread on the way home from work.

Food is necessary for life.

The pupil held up his hand to ask a question.

I was chosen to satisfy you.

Do you like to dance?

Can you help me do that?


Meg agreed to Ken's plan.


Tandy held his nose.


This sentence is linguistically correct but that is not how we say it.


I'm free this afternoon.

You have to buy something.

We are looking for volunteers.

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It's terribly expensive.

We're nonsmokers.

Too much money?

A man's worth lies in what he is rather than in what he has.

Do you and Elizabeth often hang out with each other?


Tell me what to do.


I'm not proud of my daughter.

After the Christmas party was over, we all went out caroling.

Do you want to try it on?

I thought we were on the same side.

Do you have a family?


I must study hard in order to keep up with him.

I've got some new information.

He works out every day except weekends.

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Shall I draw a map for you?


Don't make such a racket!

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I'm not going to quit the club because I am busy.


I found that there was a little girl sobbing.

Who's wrong?

That's difficult to explain.


How could Samir not like me?

I'll stay right here.

I'll try to reach him.

My baby began crying, asking for milk.

They always find fault with others.

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Maurice climbed the ladder.

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She ironed her hair.

We'd like another bottle of wine.

I found the rare edition that I've been looking so long for.


You've been sitting here all afternoon. Are you waiting for someone?

Gluteus Maximus was one of the cheekiest Roman emperors.

Maybe we should try harder.

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The secret documents were shredded.

I didn't anticipate that question.

I see him once in a while.


She admired her daughter, who looked lovely that evening.


There is no timetable.


It is necessary that we should prepare for the worst.

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His son is serving his sentence.


When are you coming back? That all depends on the weather.

Daren painted the walls white.

Syd must be tired after working all day in the hot sun.

Why does Kyung have to go anywhere?

Why is Nikolai hiding from us?

Because I do sit-ups every day, you can finally see my six pack.

While I'm translating sentences on Tatoeba, my wife is weeding the garden.

Is your best friend a man or a woman?

The sons sorrowfully buried their father.


She greeted him cheerfully.


He denied the accusation.

I didn't think you even liked me.

Why don't you want to acknowledge that you're wrong?

How did you know where Woody was?

Three other soldiers were wounded.

He saw suicide as the only way out.

Leonard has been living here since 2013.

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I've been drinking.


Sanche doesn't know if Ricardo will go to the mountains or to the beach.

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I take my children to the beach almost every day.

There was a row of about 20 stalls at the fair.

What's up with you two?


He went back to Japan.

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Don't doubt the effectiveness of this medicine.

I am happy to spend money on books.

I wouldn't bet on that if I were you.

I heard I was needed.

According to an old Christmas custom, if a woman is caught standing under hanging mistletoe, a man may kiss her.

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Thank you for picking me up.

We're shooting.

We are in for an unusually hot summer this year.

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On sunny days, the beach is very crowded.

I am so happy to see you back.

You must control your temper, Louiqa.

I was away for five minutes.

I take it The is your boyfriend.

John is more qualified than Peter.

Be careful not to cut yourself.

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Kari thinks there's something Hitoshi isn't telling him.

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Do you think they had a good time?

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Are you all set?


I'm sure you'll wish you hadn't done that.

The cleanup at the Fukushima Daiichi plant could take years, possibly decades.

Norman is watching a soap opera.


Everyone could easily see his disappointment.

The squirrel ate the hazelnuts.

Do you have any pictures of your great grandparents?

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Do you know much about music?


I told you to do it.

Amarth's researched his family history and intends to send a detailed family tree to all of his relatives.

The heat of the sun hardens clay.

Andre had plenty of money to burn.

You're very successful.

To the man who only has a hammer in the toolkit, every problem looks like a nail.

Peel the apple before you eat it.

It was a deep darkness.

Is that machine still usable?

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Trust me, I can make it happen.

Everything was gone.

Someone has to tell them.

How much is this ring?

I got to the station this morning.

I'm angry!

I know you didn't want Shari to wear your clothes, but his were all wet.


USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.