Some verbs in some languages can have up to one hundred different meanings.

Change your thoughts, and you change your world.

Stop thinking for your sake only. Think for other people's, too, and act accordingly.

We've been through this already.

We went to Boston.

The actress fell backward over the stage.

Although I don't remember how, I've been getting some bruises on my legs lately. What should I do if it's some kind of weird disease?

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It won't just happen overnight.

It's gonna be OK.

We need to distinguish what a sentence could mean from what it actually does mean when used by one particular speaker on one particular occasion.

It's everybody's dream to win the lottery.

I should've known something was going on.

Gregge couldn't tell what Ramon was thinking.

We're having a conference.

Have any letters arrived for me?

It hasn't been a piece of cake either.

It is possible for you to read this book in a few days.

How long would it take to get there by bus?

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I can hear what I want.


Andreas won't stop fighting.

The U.N. monitored the country's elections.

I won't interfere with your work again.

Do you know anything about predicting the weather?

Suspenders make my personality.

As far as I know, this is the only translation available.

I'm wondering if I love him.

I crossed the equator for the first time on my trip to Australia.

Luis is poor, isn't he?

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Would you like to take part in this risky experiment?

If I had to sum up your attitude in one word, it would be arrogance.

What flavors do you have?

Jane will get straight A's.

Blessed are the poor in spirit.

I had some work that I needed to do.

Randal is walking down the sidewalk.

This is an obsolete usage.

I've been calling all day.

I am just kidding.

I feel we speak a different language.

The words hurt his pride.

Our teacher sometimes speaks quickly.

This bus will take you to the town.

The very thought of snakes makes him turn pale.

I asked Donald to do the same thing that Jean-Pierre was doing.

Everybody knows them.

It came as a surprise.

As well as this, the horse is also representative of human talent.


I was just talking to your mother.

I know the world's gone to pieces.

Drew has been in Boston for a long time.

The face of Christmas glows all the brighter for the cold.

He shouted to her to be careful.

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Hunter said that Shawn would help me.

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I found these.

We must stop the others.

There were several couples on the beach.


We know that.


We don't really have to talk about this right now, do we?

She isn't good enough for him.

Registration starts October 20th.


I saw Knute picking his neighbor's flowers.

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Ramon is done arguing.

I saw five airplanes flying away like so many birds.

I've had enough of your shenanigans.

Brendan was wearing baggy tan pants.

The prefectural police is trying to find out what conflict took place between the father and daughter following the family dinner.

Denis has lost quite a lot of weight.

I'm a member here.


Even a little child knows its name.

I'd like something light.

Walter is an elitist.


I gave my books to those people.

You can't let her win.

Why give it to me now?

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The river water is not good.

Did you get up early today?

I am going to leave my present job.


Are you seriously thinking that you can get away with that?

Raul was wondering if Dimitry had a boyfriend.

As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.

I would like to have some water.

I have a telephone.

Does anybody have a better idea?

Amos is a self-employed plumber.


I don't agree with you on the matter.

It is on this point that our opinions differ.

Stop complaining about the weather.

What are you hiding? Come on, tell me. You can't keep it from me. That's creepy.

Edgar is a lifeguard.


I used to play here.

Dory has been living in the woods by himself for the last three years.

Srikanth is nice, isn't he?

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I've never done this kind of thing before.

You are my good friend.

Newton established the law of gravity.

Alcohol is also cheap in Germany.

Compassion is alien to them.

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What do you like to do in your free time?


You watch PBS, don't you?


Last year's output of coal fell short of the standard.

Manjeri believed that the people in that small village were cannibals.

Mahmoud ruined his favorite shirt by washing it in water that was too hot.

Mark is going to get better.

I'm in charge of the propaganda.

What is this nonsense about you not needing to study well?

Steven didn't want to sing.

The children need to go to bed immediately.

The schools are closed today because of the snow.

How about a sandwich?

Then, if so, why were the like of Kyouou let upon the throne?

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I have to be honest. I was a little bit nervous the first time I had an MRI scan.

How much is the handling charge?

Did Marika teach you some words of Japanese?

I have nothing in particular to say about this situation.

Many of their wetland habitats are being affected by mining.

Danny doesn't really like Sangho, even though he says he does.

We've only corresponded and never met in person.


We should not have angered Sid.

She assumes an air of modesty.

Think before you act.

Oscar knows how to fix this, I think.

Izzy was admitted into the hospital.

She blacked out on seeing the scene of the accident.

The company provides workers uniforms, but it's expected they will wash them regularly.

Please inform me of the plan ahead of time.

The French president is to visit Japan next month.

How do I stop him?

Maybe I could help.

Hugh's confused.

"Eureka!", shouted Ritchey suddenly.

I know that everything I need is here.

You must not lack decorum dealing with your benefactors.


He let her kiss him.

She's not his girlfriend?

Let's eat now. I'm dying of hunger.

What was the plan?

She's made up her mind to quit the company.


I want him to live.

Children, listen!

That's really not necessary.

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It lasted about a year.

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I successfully persuaded her and we went on a date.

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I have not seen him lately.

We're staying in a different hotel.

Your blood pressure's low.

Now that we are established in our new house we shall be glad to receive visitors.

The new contract enables us to demand whatever we want.

I want to speak to them.

She didn't know the information till she met him.


Dr Zamenhof created Esperanto.

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Gregory is clearly out of his mind.


Kelvin won't be bothering us.

Philippe is out of control.

I thought Ron would be the crazy one.


You can understand me.

Maybe you got the date wrong.

Valeria became a famous actor.

Are you worried about fuel economy?

These days, people rarely wear patches on their elbows and knees.

Dramatic music might be a good effect in this scene.

Jeff seems to know who she is.

There's something you don't know about Irwin.

Things aren't getting any better.

Ice is cool.

You're crazy to buy such an expensive bike.


Luc said he wished I was more like Sergei.