Gean Gil

Consulting / Software Architect / Full Stack Developer


  • Bachelor in Computer Science;
  • I have 15 years in consulting, analysis and development of systems in Web and Mobile;
  • The last 7 years focus on the development mobile apps.


  • Proactive, Communicative, Organized and Good verbal, Resilient fluency;
  • Team Spirit and Disinhibited;
  • Ensure performance, quality and responsiveness of applications;
  • Collaborate with a team to define, design and submit new resources;
  • Identify and correct errors;
  • Help maintain the quality of code, organization and automation;
  • Create and maintain clear and organized design documentation.


  • Competent with SWIFT, Objective-C, RxSwift and Cocoa Touch;
  • Competent with Android, RxJava;
  • Experience with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Alamofire, etc;
  • Experience with Android frameworks suc as Retrofit, Realm, Butter knife, etc;
  • Experience with offline storage, threading and performance tuning;
  • Experience with RESTful APIs to connect applications to back-end services;
  • Knowledge of other web technologies and UI / UX standards;
  • Understanding Apple's and Google's design principles and interface guidelines;
  • Experience with performance and memory adjustment with tools;
  • Experience with cloud messaging APIs and push notifications;
  • Proficient understanding of code control tools;
  • Experience with continuous integration;
  • Experience in agile scrum methodology.

Work Experiences

Scopus Bradesco - CINQ Technologies

2016 - Present

IOS / Android / Java consulting for digital bank team Next / Bradesco

  • Consulting in all Bradesco mobile applications;
  • Consulting in the Bradesco Homebroker;
  • Using agile scrum methodology.


2016 - Present

Responsible for defining software architecture and integration with Systems Softran and CNH Industrial

  • Integration with SQL Server;
  • Integration with TXT File parser and download/upload files templates from CNH Industrial;
  • Web Application with Angular;
  • Databases Postgresql and MongoDB;
  • RESTFul API with Ruby on Rails;
  • Native mobile apps in iOS/Android;
  • Using agile scrum methodology.

Voleta Fantasy Game

2015 - Present

Fantasy game planner and leader of the frontend and backend development team

  • Web Application with Angular;
  • Database MongoDB;
  • RESTFul API with Python;
  • Native mobile apps in iOS/Android;
  • Using agile scrum methodology.

Editora Positivo

iOS Software Architect
2015 - 2016

Positivo ON mobile app, responsible for:

  • Define software architecture using design patterns as Command, Repository, Strategy, Parser, Handler and Mediator;
  • Developing following the human interface guidelines from Apple;
  • Maintain continuous integration and submitting app to App Store;
  • Using agile scrum methodology.


Senior systems analyst
2014 - 2015

GVT Music mobile app, responsible for:

  • Developing following the design patterns define from architect
  • Developing following the human interface guidelines from Apple;
  • Maintain continuous integration and submitting app to App Store;
  • Using agile scrum methodology.

CINQ Technologies

Senior systems analyst
2013 - 2014

Development in Objective-C language to GVT Music mobile app and using agile scrum methodology.


Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Developer team lead
2011 - 2013

Responsible for developing frontend / backend using the following languages: html5, css3 and framework php and managing the client requests using agile scrum methodology to develop


Bachelor in Computer Science

Unisul - Unividade do Sul de Santa Catarina
2000 - 2004

English course

2013 - 2015

Online Courses

2015 - present
Courses of iOS, Android, Python, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, Design Patterns, UI/UX etc.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


iOS & Android

Expert, 7 years
Developing apps for restaurants, e-commerce companies, telephone company, fantasy game, book publisher and digital bank.

Ruby on Rails & Python

Expert, 7 years
Developing RESTful APIs to connect my apps.

React & Angular

Advanced, 2 years
Development in React Native, Ionic, RxSwift, RxJava and Angular for new projects

Other Skills

Google Cloud AWS Heroku Git Scrum
Java Linux PHP ASP English
Postgresql Mysql Oracle SQL Server




Angular and Ruby on Rails

(613) 384-4329

iOS, Android and Python
(415) 670-1533
Senior systems analyst

GVT Music

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HTML5, CSS3, Framework PHP


HTML5, CSS3, Framework PHP

HTML5, CSS3, Framework PHP

Other Projects

Riso Menu App Santa Cruz Bikes App Geneal App

Get in Touch

I'm currently taking on freelance work and If you're enjoying my experiences/skills. Get in touch.

Two heads think better than one. Always!

I can help with the following:

  • App development with iOS / Android and React
  • Front-end development with Angular
  • Back-end development with Python/Ruby on rails
  • UI development
  • UX prototyping

Drop me a line at or call me at +55 41 98175 8778