Hey, that's what I'm here for.

I sent her out of the room.


I have no reason to lie to them.


My uncle made a will last year.

Don't be sad because it's over. Be happy because it happened.

Kanthan is here to help us.


Do you want to stay here all night?

Everyone had their reasons.

What beautiful teeth you have!

It'll work out.

Where on earth did you get that hat?


The sled accelerated as it went down the icy slope.

Their clothes were used.

Her roommate didn't know where she was.


I will go to Athens.

There might be casualties.

It's right up your alley.

I don't want to become blind!

My class was cancelled.

Wilson still doesn't like me.

I'm in desperate trouble.


I hear you did something stupid.

He asked me if I had found it.

Get out of the way.

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Raja was soaked through after being caught in an unexpected downpour.

These shoes belong to Kirsten.

They are spinning wool.

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Everyone says I was very brave, but I just did my work.

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Kinch has a good imagination.

During the class she fell asleep in spite of herself.

Who killed the spy?


We went back down into the cellar.

Don't worry. I have completely recovered.

Cycle lanes are everywhere!

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What kind of people do you like best?

The decree of a president of the republic expires with an end to the state of emergency.

Spy might think you don't like him.

You can procrastinate and play with the settings on the massage bed!

His statement admits of no doubt.

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Bradford is arguably the ugliest town in Britain.


Are you Tafsut or Tifyur?

This is a scam.

We should make the best of the limited natural resources we have.

Klaudia sighed and pulled out his wallet.

I think she was wrong in regard to that.


It's about three feet tall.


His office is going to be shut down for want of money.

Alison's father is a police officer.

Why did Roger stick around?

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She was waiting in front of the building.

Some insurance companies require that you select a primary care physician before you try to visit the doctor.

I believe it's my duty to protect these children.


Can you give me a minute?


You'll learn how to do it sooner or later.

Why is Jakob making us wait here?

Izchak is flirting with some girl inside the bar.

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They don't eat as much rice in Japan as they used to.


Yes, I do. I answered.

Just let me know if you have any trouble.

Please remove your shoes before entering the house.

You probably don't like them.

I didn't even see her go.


I'll get to it.


Don't be a dick.

We are weary of his long talk.

The subject of a sentence is usually a person or a thing performing the action shown by the verb.

The first lesson in democracy is to abide by the will of the people.

Tails are absent in this type of cat.


Valeria doesn't seem very warm.


A guy named Sid came to see you.

Could we meet privately?

The meeting broke up at nine o'clock.

Leo wants everyone to get out of here.

Let's salvage what we can.

Take the same road home that you came on.

Sue is Fletcher's sister.

There has to be a better way to do this.

The train was seen to come into the station by me.

They were moving.

How do you intend to achieve this?

I'm sure Jong's fine.

He smells bad.

Will you wait a minute?

The elder passed away recently.


It's just been a difficult few days for Real.


When it comes to marital spats, there's usually two sides to the story.

Roy is being arrested right now.

I have no jewels to sell.

Do they have a computer?

Leads got embarrassed.

We'll do whatever we can.

The bite of this spider causes intense pain.

The baby's growth is normal for his age.

I can see how you might've made that mistake.

He answered incorrectly.

May I ask you some questions about your name?

You're quite a philosopher.

We didn't complain.


Grab hold of this.


Why would I want to help Seth?

In more pleasant places in the world, people want to live longer. It is the converse in less pleasant places.

Will Israel attack Iran?

Mott bought a drone.

Somebody knows that.

We don't like our neighbors, and they don't like us, either.

Old said he was coming here after work.

It's easy to err once you lose your cool.

Our city has been experiencing power cuts for six years now.

His eyes were heavy with sleep.

His testimony stands on facts.

You are good.

Debbie wouldn't tell me why he wasn't here yesterday.

Congress passed the bill.

We've known each other quite a few years.

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Do they really care?

You ought to have started half an hour ago.

If it rains tomorrow, I'll stay home.

Do you want to act in a movie?

I'm the one who has to call Bea.


Jussi lives near a beach, so he goes swimming almost every day in the summer.


Molly seems to be in a really good mood.


Have you met each other?

We're not here to arrest you.

I hope that he will succeed.

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I like short poems.

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Pedro knew that Kanthan was throwing a party.

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She suggested that I cancel the meeting.

As you go up higher, the air becomes thinner.

You're a nice one!

You can't tell me what to do.

Please mail this letter the next time you go to the post office.


Lea is usually drunk by this time of day.

She seemed really nervous.

We want to know what this project is going to cost us.


Stay in your seats.

I climb up on a large rock, look at the blue water and observe the clouds in the sky.

Our grandchildren will love it.

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Where can I get tickets?

Take an aspirin.

Fukuoka is very typical of the kind of town I like.

Nichael kissed Bobby's hand, making her blush.

There are no chairs in this room.


Vincenzo is my hero.

Pedro doesn't care much for swimming.

I saw you in the park with Gregg.

I think we can trust her.

You should wash your hands before each meal.


A lot of people think that whales are fish.

What's the real reason you don't want to go with me?

Jarl was stabbed to death last night.

I'm not afraid to die.

I'm glad to see you back.

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I'm old enough to be her father.


Roxie says he likes Boston better than Chicago.

Who should I be talking to?

Markus has always been a very cheerful person.

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You know me, don't you?