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You want another one, don't you?

Kevan ran over a stone with his mower and it smashed his neighbour's car window.

Sergei doesn't like cats and Becky doesn't either.

He's always here between five and six o'clock.

We try to go to Boston at least once a year.

Ramsey is a person you can trust.

We've always been good friends.

It's disgraceful.

Leaf after leaf fell to the ground.


My mailbox is full.


Italy is the only country that regards war as a soccer game, and a soccer game as it is a war.

That wasn't difficult.

Please tell Sean everything we want him to know.

All Valeria wanted was for Olson to leave him alone.

I don't like that lawyer you hired for me.

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I go home early every day.

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It wasn't a total loss.

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How often did you visit Kyoto?

I just want everybody to like each other.

Living without you makes no sense.


His sweater is gray.

The distinction in usage between the two words is clear.

This cake is out of this world.

It is 50 kilometers to Paris.

The fact is that I can't swim.

Up flew the bright sparks in myriads as the logs were stirred, and the deep red blaze sent forth a rich glow, that penetrated into the furthest corner of the room, and cast its cheerful tint on every face.

We're not blaming you.

Bricks never take the place of ferro-concrete here.

My mother permitted me to go to the movies.

She painted the house.

Serving people is his sole purpose in life.

I wish you'd told me that a bit earlier.

I've heard rumors about Jay and Kazuhiro.


He won't deal with it.


What could you teach me?


Only in San Francisco are burritos supposed to be that big around.


The word has several meanings.

I need a meet with Jones as soon as possible.

Hal put on his shirt inside out.

They left for Europe by air.

I felt something touch my feet.


You're sure there's no way?

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I always knew I was born to do this work.

Virtues and girls are most beautiful before knowing that they are beautiful.

I know it by hearsay.

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She really is a legend, isn't she?

Take lots of vitamin C to avoid catching cold.

The city in which I was born is Tel Aviv.

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Steve believed he could actually predict the future.

I'd like to send a cable to Japan.

Mehrdad and Seenu have decided to get married.


Bibili sila ng tinapay.

This car's tires don't have enough air.

People believe what they want to believe.

I've been trying to reach Devon for hours already, but his line is constantly busy.

I thought I'd be safe here.


I plan to tell Allan what happened.

I'm on a really tight schedule this week.

It's already done.

I really need to get going.

I'll try to change the file format then.

We did everything that we could to help him, but he didn't even thank us for it.

The dress suit you very well.

Six of them are burning.

It seems that Cory is busy with his new job.

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They had to promise to obey the laws of Mexico.

I'm not racist, I just hate everybody.

I don't want to ever speak to you again.

Thomas can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 30 seconds.

Many dogs are alive.


My father always took me to school when I was young.


Many fans are gathering in front of the singer's car.


It was depressing.

I was thirteen when I wrote that.

I still don't like the way David treats Drew.

Regardless of whether you come tomorrow or not, let me know.

Rhonda lost a book.

This won't help.

Emily is drinking cola.

I'll keep on trying.

I had nowhere else to go.

Maybe Marsha was home.

You learned English from Miss Long, didn't you?

I asked him where he was going.

Hume has worked hard.

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The committee meeting is held twice per month.

We'll have lunch early today.

I'm going to call an ambulance.

What surprises me is that they can actually sell that product for so much money.

It's very interesting.

Is it blue?

A young girl on crutches asked Clem where he lived.

Your problem is you're not patient enough.

I wish you had let Brandon come with us.

There goes my class teacher.

I prefer to stay indoors.


You can come together.


He raced down the street.


How much do you like Karen?


Where did you find my keys?

Her real name is Lisa.

He didn't give it to me.

During a Congressional address on May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy proposed that the United States accelerate its space program and set as a national goal a manned lunar landing and safe return by the end of the decade.

It's amazing! -- an American tourist was saying: In Hungary, every "horse" is "low"!

Think gave Martyn an icy look.

What's going on?

They were arrested along with their friends.

In other words, reliability is impossible unless there is a natural warmth.


I don't know many words in French.


What time do you land in Perth?

He went to visit her at the hospital every Monday.

You could sit on my lap if you want.

It is said that several victims of the tsunami think that the devestation they saw was the kind that made you cover your eyes.

You'll get lost.


I'm glad we met.

I didn't see where the ball went after it hit the tree.

Pigeons can use the terrestrial magnetic field to find their way home.

Calamity Jane lived in California.

I'll be gone by the time Cathy gets here.

They are older than Tyler.

I see their point.

It's not beautiful things that are expensive, but expensive things that are beautiful.

Wendi looks like he's lost a lot of weight.

There's something in here.

Meeks always has a backpack slung over his shoulder.


Laurel came here today by bicycle.

That is insane.

The play was adapted from a novel.

I'm responsible for what's happened.

Today, I'll sleep on the couch.

Humans are healed, but machines are repaired.

I was trying to protect you.

Unfortunately I was not in time for his speech.

Roberta is a bundle of nerves.

Is it certain that he will come tomorrow?

This is not war.

We fold the flag after the festival.

Shyam was watching the news when Piercarlo entered the room.

Don't worry. He knows what he's doing.

What we obtain by asking is not really ours.

The President's decision caused the market to react.

I'm expecting a visitor, so I can't go out now.

Father advanced me a week's allowance.

He came here all the way from London.

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My grandfather taught me the good habit of squirreling away money for a rainy day.

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Bob thought deeply about that matter.


It is good to be yourself. Who else could you be?

The boy was so tired that he couldn't take one more step.

Guess what his name is.

All models are wrong, but some are useful.

You must not go there with them.

He likes chicken nuggets.

What are then the deeds of men in the face of eternity?

Claire washed the blood off his hands.

They have enough help.


I don't even want to think about it.

I'm used to staying awake late into the night.

Is it possible to recover a file deleted from the bin?

It's been raining since morning.

I just hate them.

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He has been teaching for 20 years.

What if she's wrong?

I'd like to learn how to play the banjo.

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Andy and Tanaka watched John go out the door.