Nichael doesn't understand French very well.

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Owen turned on the car's fog lights.

The project was aborted.

I cannot guess at all what is going on with him.

Let's get her to bed.

Janet wondered how tall Dale was.


We'd better win.

We thought it was in the cards for him to aim to become a doctor.

Kristi looked very pale.

Stop spreading these lies!

Who do you think you are, to look at me like this?

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Please go to the bench.

Elias wasn't the one who gave us your name.

I have a good opinion of the young candidate.

Gregge never really got over Terrance's death.

Your reservation is reconfirmed.

Many organisations have responded to the recent news regarding the government plans towards education.

They ask her many questions.

He's not all that gorgeous.

The letter T is a common consonant.


The most difficult part is still to be done.


His speech is very refined.

Don't make me come after you.

Richard is the man on the left.

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She lives on another plane of existence.


Arnold is concerned with cases of dual personality.

How long will your friend Jane stay in Milan?

I would have come back.


Didn't I warn you about Kamiya?

I'm pretty sure Takeuchi has been telling us the truth.

Don't you care?

Will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well? Or will we build an economy where everyone who works hard has a chance to get ahead?

Are you sure you don't need my help?

Stop screaming like a girl.

How much do you have to pay?

This golf course is not open to non-members.

We drink a lot of beer at home.

I don't see that as a problem.

I want to mend this watch.

No matter how hard I try, I can't remember how to do it.

Someone is going to see you.

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I'm sure Chris had good reasons for doing that.

I'm a friend.

There was a sprinkling of foreigners among the visitors in the museum.

What are you searching for?

My toes are getting numb.

You're the last hope for humanity.

I got scared long before entering the plane.


I hope your parents are well.


Did you plan to eat all of that yourself?

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They are worrying about nothing.


He made a motion to be silent.

Is there life on Mars? If not, was it there before?

I didn't tell him. He found out by himself.

Collin gave a famous singer ten thousand dollars to come to the restaurant to sing "Happy Birthday."

Marsh often invites me to his house for dinner.

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Is something wrong with your eyes?

I can't go with you today because I'm very busy.

My ex-boyfriend just called me out of the blue.


I learned nothing from the teacher.

No spends too much money.

When we were on the brink of starvation, they saved our lives.

It's difficult to learn Greek.

Watch out for passing cars.

These things can happen.

Franklin should've gotten a warning.

Giovanni is on the phone talking to Caleb.

No matter how much you might think you like curry, three nights in a row is more than enough.

There's no one in the house.

I wasn't very hungry, so I decided to eat later.

I like her all the better for her naughtiness.

We get closer, trying to understand each other, but just hurt each other and cry.

What kind of plane is it?

She ate a fourth of the cake.

He's curious about everything.

You've told me that before.

But she was referring to something else.

How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

How long have you worked in Boston?

You should invest a little bit of your income into your career in these tough economic times.


We used to watch TV.

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I've got too much to do.

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The British withdrew, but attacked again the next year.


His daughter is a nurse.

Let me write this down.

We know it'll be tough.

Our cities create serious pollution problems.

I'll be counting on you to bring the drinks.

Brandy was court-martialed on the grounds of mutiny and disobeying orders.

I think Darryl is bad-tempered.

What was the problem you wanted to talk to me about?

I hate exercising.

I'm going to keep track of all the expenses on this trip.

They attend every meeting.


Why did you get so angry?

Christopher Columbus once engaged in a debate with the Divine Celt. It would become the only contest that Columbus ever lost.

Jess called Randy up yesterday.

I'm not here to hurt anybody.

The towel was quite useless.


I made a big mistake in choosing my wife.

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This may not be coincidental.

You hurried to the bottom of the stairs.

I can't do this without your help.


Let's make sure.

Get off of my roof.

Her mother and her sister came to visit the young worker, and sometimes they spent a day with her.


We want to be here forever.

Did they write a letter?

My watch was stolen.

Pratap wasn't the one who asked me to do this.

That boy showed no fear.

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Stephanie took an envelope out of his briefcase and handed it to Tommy.


This afternoon when our grandmother who is hard of hearing gets company from an even more hard of hearing girlfriend, we will try to prevent them at all cost from sitting in the garden, otherwise the whole neighbourhood will all at once know our business.

What kind of places would you like to see?

Manuel called his wife to say he'd be late.

Prevent her from going.

You've been a good audience.

He enabled me to help him.

Did you catch any fish in the river?

Do you understand what I am saying to you?

Do any of you have anything to say in connection with this?

The time when mankind is free from hunger is yet to come.

It's pitch black in the basement.


I washed the windows.

I don't know what to do about that.

Kazuhiro is an expert with a slingshot.

She had a little money.

She wanted to tease Ritchey.

There is a little sugar in the bag.

That song is my favorite.

The train arrived on schedule.

I don't know why they hate each other so much.


It can be tricky.


Mix her a drink.

Lance told me he wouldn't take up much of our time.

And you, how are you?

I have a wonderful job.

Moore has been taken to a nearby hospital.

Do you want to leave with Syed?

The bride greatly resented being left at the church.


I will tell you exactly how the matter stands.


Hold it, Roxana.

This new shop will open in a week.

That's the last thing I want to do right now.

They are surrounded by admirers.

It still works like new.

Do you know the secret of a long life?

Funny... Someone just added the sentence that I mentioned to you this afternoon.

The boy is tall for his age.

Ti has never been in trouble.

How far did the Roman Empire stretch at its peak?

Franco has blue jeans.

Come back in five minutes.

It hurts to talk.

I am here on holiday.

Josip certainly didn't disappoint the audience.

It is worthwhile considering what it is that makes people happy.

This is a vital decision for the future of our country.


Where did you go for spring break?

They have already finished the work.

Sedat was cool.

The dictionary is incomplete. It only goes to the letter J.

Angus has willingly done everything we've asked him to do.


I'll do what I can to help you.

Woody looked anxiously at Dylan.

I've been waiting for two hours.