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Apple Watch, iPhone tapped for knee and hip replacement surgery outcome study

  By Mike Wuerthele Monday, October 15, 2018, 09:02 am PT (12:02 pm ET) Apple has partnered with medical equipment manufacturer Zimmer Biomet in a wide-ranging initiative to use the iPhone and Apple Watch to gather data to improve hip and knee replacement surgical outcomes for patients. The two companies will release a new mymobility […]

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Apple’s two-factor authentication (2FA) is a boon for anyone who wants to be sure that even if their Apple ID or iCloud password were stolen or found out, an intruder would still need a piece of equipment associated with the account to complete the login. These trusted phone numbers and trusted devices offer good deterrence. […]

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iPhone users’ lawsuit against Google thrown out of court

A lawsuit against Google, claiming to represent 4.4 million iPhone users, has been thrown out of court by a U.K. judge. The Apple-using coalition, a group called “Google You Owe Us,” was asking for up to $1 billion in damages. This was to have been split among Safari users affected by Google’s allegedly unlawful data collection, […]

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Apple Tells Congress ‘Nothing Was Ever Found’ to Suggest Alleged Supply Chain-Based Hack

Apple’s top security chief told the U.S. Congress on Sunday that it had found no indication of suspicious transmissions or other evidence that its China supply chain was ever compromised (via Reuters). In a letter to the Senate and House commerce committees, Apple Vice President for Information Security George Stathakopoulos wrote that the company had […]

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Facebook enters the smart speaker race with Portal and Portal+, featuring video calls and Amazon Alexa

Facebook has entered the smart speaker market, attempting to battle Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Facebook Portal is more tablet than speaker, with both models featuring large touchscreens. The natural comparison is the Echo Show, and Facebook is undercutting slightly on the price. The entry-level Facebook Portal will sell for $199, launching in November. […]

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TaoTronics 40-inch soundbar review: How low can you go?

TaoTronics’ 40-inch, budget-priced soundbar had the tough job of being my review assignment hot on the heels of Bluesound’s outstanding Pulse Soundbar and Subwoofer combo. Bluesound’s package costs nearly $1,400. You can pick up the TaoTronics for less than $100, including sales tax.  Can TaoTronics challenge Bluesound in this space? Not by a long shot. […]

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Apple is negotiating with U.K. telecoms giant BT. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac Apple is reportedly in talks with U.K. telecommunications company BT, regarding a possible partnership in which Apple TV boxes are provided to subscribers. As per the Daily Telegraph, both groups are, “in early discussions over a deal that would make BT’s mobile […]

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U.K. Court Blocks Mass Legal Action Over Google’s Alleged Tracking of Safari Users

London’s High Court on Monday blocked attempts to bring a collective lawsuit against Google over alleged historical snooping of millions of iPhone users in the United Kingdom (via Reuters). The lawsuit’s claimants alleged that Google illegally gathered the personal data of over 4 million iPhone users in the U.K. between 2011 and 2012 by bypassing […]

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