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marginshark online mrp software

FREE  Finally, a simple and powerful system for planning products and managing manufacturing. Designed for small businesses and development teams, marginSHARK is an alternative to complicated MRP systems, Excel spreadsheets that don't work, and rigid accounting software.
Best of all, its forever FREE for BETA signups! 2544056994

Works Like You Do

We don't try to dictate how you run your business. marginSHARK is designed to be flexible so you can do what works for you. We provide powerful functions without all the rules.

  • Multi-level BOMs
  • Reorder Points
  • Purchase & Job Requests
  • Transaction History
  • Last & Standard Cost
  • Vendor Price Lists
  • Inventory Management
  • Jobs Scheduling
mrp for small business and development teams
marginshark grows your profit

Make More Money

Our goal is to help you reduce your costs, sell more, and make more money. Whatever you use as your accounting system, we make your numbers better.

marginSHARK organizes all those vendor price quotes and applies them to multi-level bill of materials. This means you accurately know your costs today and in the future when your purchasing volumes increase.

Whether you are in business, have a small project, or planning a new product, marginSHARK will help ensure you make money.

Easy to Get Going

Being in the cloud (online) means you always have access to your business data, no matter what device you are using or where you are. You can trust us - we use SSL encryption technology and treat your data with the respect it deserves.

Starting with marginSHARK is as simple as creating an account and inviting your team. Within minutes you can be setting up your items, BOMs and vendors.

material planning activities

Optimized for...


Stop creating Excel BOMS and don't be limited by your accounting systems

R&D Teams

Develop your financial model before loading data into your ERP / MRP system

Multi-Channel Sellers

Capture all your costs and understand your profitability

CrowdSource Projects

Ship to your crowdsource backers on time and on budget.


marginSHARK doesn't just manage inventory, it helps you grow your profit margin


There isn't any software to install. It only takes minutes to get up and going


We don't limit your business processes like accounting based systems - do what you do


Being cloud based means your data is wherever you are...desktop, laptop, tablet or phone

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