I knew that was him.

We're having a meeting at 2:30.

You made Laurie an offer he couldn't refuse, didn't you?

Why is autumn called "fall" in America?

Brent cracked up.

The train is ten minutes late today.

I'll heat up the soup for you.

I think she was conscious of being stared at by many boys.

The stewardess handed Diane a drink.

He checked out of the hotel.


Ozan asked me out this weekend.

I had a relaxing talk.

Who is hungry?


That's the real reason Leith ran away from home, isn't it?

I met him at a club.

He hurried to the house only to be disappointed to find that it was empty.

The objection is sustained.

He adds examples in Russian.


Todd told us about how much weight you lost.

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What time does the club open?

Had I had a little more money, I would have bought it.

Doctors have made great strides in their fight against cancer.

What if he should happen to come late?


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He is studying hard for fear he should fail.

Stefan helped get me into this school.

Do you have anything you need to say to Jerome?

Why didn't you bring your wife to the party?

Let's try and get Sekar out of here.

Can I write it that way?

I think Jeremy must be hungry by now.


Australia is a very fortunate country.

You seem to be on a very tight schedule.

This means nil.

Make a cross before your name.

Thanks for this.

Edwin just sat there and said nothing.

The suffix "da" is added to the noun "araba" to give the meaning of "in the car."


In 1981, the United States launched the Space Shuttle Columbia, the first reusable manned spacecraft. It was piloted by Robert Crippen and commanded by John Young.

She found it difficult to answer the question.

Yes, that is most certainly so.

That's how I did it.

Then the ghost spoke again, and his voice sounded like the sighing of the wind.

I'm going back there now.

The English are a taciturn people.

Cut the cheese into thin slices or into little cubes.

This computer is better than that one.

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I don't have the slightest idea.

I reckon something scared him.

She advised him to read those books.

I`m calling my sister in Sidney, Australia.

I've tried to stop multitasking.

We've all got to leave early.

I can't go to the prom without a date.

Rolf died in prison ten years ago.

Shirley will be dead in a few days.

I have a passport.

Can I count on you to do that?

Giles used inappropriate language.

He dwelt for a time in France, then went to Italy.

He forgot to buy a present for her.

I would like a chance to answer you, because the essence of democracy is that you have to listen to other people, as well as you have the right to speak yourself.

You couldn't live without me.

Jorge told me to be here by 2:30 tomorrow.

Hohn looked as if he was sick.

How do people celebrate the new year in Australia?

If you like seafood, you've come to the right place!

Shouldn't we give it to them?

Where is the nearest bus stop?

You must cut down on extra expenses in order to live within your means.

I'd like to visit America most of all.

I signed one.


Please be patient with me today.

Everyone is very proud of you.

I knew I could make it fit.

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Are there any problems I should know about?


I'll never meet someone like her.

I'm not going to Johann's.

Why does Pontus cry so much?


It seems to be working.

Boyce has been like this for several hours.

Sometimes he reads detective stories.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood? A woodchuck would chuck how much a woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood.

There's something happening on the other side of the river.


I'll talk to Eli.


I do not doubt it in the least.

He hinted at his intention.

Sergio clearly doesn't want to be doing this.


I'm not ambitious enough.


You should've done it with us.


Tran needs to go away.

He has a passive character.

I have to get something to eat.


The train will arrive here before long.

My father always thought that he wanted to be a pilot when he was a boy.

They'll do it.

I'm having lunch with Jimmy later.

Caroline will walk to school tomorrow.

Huey can't have this.

Kay wants to speak to you right away.

He is not your dad.

Tomas listened to me attentively.

I haven't felt any pain so far.

He wanted to know what happened.

I know it won't be easy.

It is very impolite of you to decline our invitation.

I haven't eaten anything substantial in 48 hours.

Japan is, as it were, his second home.


That's as plain as the nose on your face.

Let's build on your plan.

I don't think Ofer wants that to happen.

Whatever the outcome, you must meet the challenge.

What if there's a fire?


Cory is pretty good at computer programming.

I stole Ira's favorite coffee mug.

I can relate with people from different nations and culture thanks to my foreign experience.

My older brother is a very enthusiastic soccer fan.

What Barbara saw made him nervous.

Everybody wants to be my friend.

She is terrified of the dark.

Vicki's not a good liar.

Meehan heard a gunshot.

I wish you and your family all the best.

I can't stand that noise.

This is a total disaster.

If I had known, I would have done it.

Everyday life can get a bit monotonous at times.

That's a problem we have to deal with all the time.

The frosty winter will soon come to an end.

What am I being accused of?

Herve isn't home.

Is eating healthy more expensive?

It's the first time I miss Taninna so much!

I think Stephe recognized me.


Diane didn't begin to write songs until he was thirty.

Calvin told me that he enjoyed the drive.

I said I wouldn't tell Syun.


They're not that stupid.

They require extra help.

Ji overheard John and Kory's conversation.

I lived in a three-room apartment when I lived in Boston.

I wish I had more time.

I was born in the year that Grandfather died.

I asked for a decaf.

We're observant.

I shudder at the thought.

This is a narrow street.

Barrio has been busy all afternoon.


It's easy to see why.


I'm supposed to see her.

Or did you change it?

Let him talk.


That didn't have to happen.

I wish I could speak French as well as you do.

I have some money with me.


The fighter courageously looked death in the face.

Don't play dumb. I know you.

Have you told her mother?

Good eating habits are essential.

Note that German nouns are always written with a capital letter.

There is nothing romantic between Nathan and me.

Where can I exchange yen for dollars?

"Will it stop raining soon?" "I'm afraid not."

It never happened.


Did you go to any famous gardens?


Izchak should let me help him.


Vicki is waiting with everyone else.

Your wishes are my commands.

He's trying hard.

It's nothing compared to what he did to me.

I'm having so much fun.